studio / film series: Zeus Studios

Zeus Studios TIGHTROPES 18 Serge Caravaggio Ivan Malek

Studio: Zeus Studios
Directed by: Daddy Zeus
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 1990s

Serge Caravaggio
Ivan Malek

Double Feature. “Two mouth watering bodies suffer multiple muscle wrenching bondage positions, endless hand-on hardbody abuse, and individual chest and ass flogging sessions that will leave you weak. On the muscle bondage meat beater scale, TIGHTROPES EIGHTEEN is a rockhard nut bustin’ 10.” TR-18, one of Daddy Zeus’ personal favorites, stars the incomparable Italian body beautiful Serge Caravaggio in multiple hard punishment bondage positions….salacious pec and nipple work, plus cock/balls/& butt action that will drain you dry. Feature two stars very sexy hardboy Ivan Malek. Few S/M models match Ivan for his reactions and body english responses to punching and flogging. His heavy cock and balls…his upside down chest flogging…and his amazing abdominal fist punching endurance will inspire your cock to new levels of
appreciation. Serge and Ivan deliver BIGtime!

Zeus Studios TIGHTROPES 18 Serge Caravaggio Ivan Malek

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