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AlphaMale Media HARD GRAFT AlphaMale Media HARD GRAFT

Studio: AlphaMale Media
Directed by: Jack Jones
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Great Britain

Carlo Cox
Issac Jones
Dean Mathews
Duke Michaels
Dominic Pacifico
Nathan Price
Trojan Rock
Marco Sessions
Dolan Wolf

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Sent on some exploration by tough daddy Trojan Rock and Carlo Cox, this bunch of toolbox men certainly explore something, and it’s not the woodland! As they pitch up or ditch them, the tents or beds are a hotbed of sexual tension being released. Hairy bodies, muscled men and stiff dicks all round, the bottoms are aching for a hard fucking and the tops are soon plunging deep down into them, no matter where they end up fucking. With big stars like Dominic Pacifico, Issac Jones and Nathan Price, this is one piece of Hard Graft we don’t mind working on, the reward is a melee of muscle we can’t get enough of!

Sent on their way into the wilds of the woods, Issac and Dominic take their instructions to heart, and pitch up for the night. The sweat they built up on their trek must be working wonders in the hot tent as they strip in a matter of moments, with tattooed Issac dropping to his knees! Tanned and sexy Dominic will never waste an opportunity like that, flips his solid, nicely curved dick out of this trousers and immediately down Issac’s hungry throat! Laying back and getting his own shaft worked on by the cock-starved Dominic, he’s soon pulling his own legs wide apart, like a champion gymnast giving Issac, and us, the perfect view of his hairy arse and sweet hole, getting lightly fingered by our French stud, feet in the air, dick throbbing, asshole open, what more could you ask for?! If you say Issac pounding him senseless, then wait no more as he pins those legs back further and works his hips fast and furiously into Dominic’s butt, the grunts and groans escaping them both will get you working up a sweat of your own as this perfect bottom boy and top fucker get rough and ready with one another!

Duke and Dean ditch the tents and head back to their place, Dean taking his muscleman colleague straight to the bedroom for a workout he wont forget! After munching on his delicious ass, Duke rears up and takes Dean’s hole with a vengeance, pulling his butt back onto that thick dick of his. We get the pleasure of some awesome close-up action as well as his muscles tensing, showing off that built chest, torso and tattooed arms! Resting back after some heavy heaving, both men are soon spunking fountains of cum from their throbbing dicks, Duke first and Dean swiftly after!

Dominic is one hell of a bottom boy, not only has he just had Issac pounding his hole, but as soon as fuck buddy Nathan gives him a text in the middle of the night then he’s off searching for more cock for his ass! Buff, bald and hairy, Nathan is the perfect beefcake to fuck a horny stud, and Dominic knows it! Legs are back in the air quicker than ever, and Nathan’s plump dick is straight away sliding effortlessly into his mates already freshly fucked hole, giving him the enjoyment of a hot sloppy seconds! Leaving him bursting with cum, Dominic kneels beside Nathan, who mouth open, devours squirt after squirt of spunk before releasing his own tidal wave of man spunk over his hairy, muscled body!

There must be something in the air, as team-mates Dolan and Marco are soon rock hard with each other in their tent, enjoying the great outdoors by fucking each other senseless! Pale, hairy Dolan looks fantastic against tanned, smooth Marco Sessions, especially as both guys have hot six-packs that burst out with every thrust as Marco’s peach-perfect arse gets worked hard, first by Dolan then Marco himself lowers and raises himself over and over on top of him, jerking off in his mates face before spurting all the way into his mouth! He keeps going though, never wanting this fuck to end even though he’s already shot his load, he waits for Dolan, and of course a horny Issac next door, peeking through the gauze to enjoy this sight! Dolan cumshot cannot be missed, spraying miles into the air as Marco proceeds to suck him dry after that impressive shooting!

Treated to an extended bonus solo from everyone’s favourite Issac Jones, he unzips his tent in the depths of the night to spy on Dolan and Marco getting down and dirty, fucking the life out of each other, just how Issac loves it! With long sweeps of his tanned, toned and tattooed body, this French beauty has it all, including hot hairy legs and a proud long dick and heavy balls ready to explode with spunk! This totally self-indulgent solo is perfect as he pulls on his dick, tugs his balls and strokes his smooth but perfectly formed torso, with a glimmer of man-sweat coating his pecs and abs, you’ll be jerking hard and fast in unison with Issac, just hold off until he shoots his load, it’s not something you’ll want to miss out on!


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