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AlphaMale Media HARD GRAFT AlphaMale Media HARD GRAFT

Studio: AlphaMale Media
Directed by: Jack Jones
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Great Britain

Valentin Alsina
Billy Baval
Damian Boss
Aitor Crash
Adam Killian
Dominic Pacifico
Spencer Reed
Trojan Rock

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The constantly horny Spencer – hard, hairy and made of muscle, this brute of a man has been handed the keys to the Toolbox whilst hunky Trojan Rock goes off to see the sun! bad news for the clients, but great news for the crew as Spencer ‘fucks that work shit’ and goes straight to work organizing a damn fine orgy to keep them all entertained! Inviting the hottest, hunkiest crew in town, we’re given uninterrupted access to SEVEN muscled hunks getting down and dirty, with face-fucking, ass eating action, leaving butts sore and used and hairy muscle drenched in buckets of man spunk!

First through the door of the sexiest apartment in London is the olive-skinned bottom boy Dominic Pacifico joining Spencer Reed and his cameraman who’s luckily there to capture every sordid moment! Stretching his buttcheeks wide, Dominic is definitely one hungry man eager for as much in his ass as he can handle. Solely with Spencer for a while until Brazilian stud Billy Baval turns up, he’s just another top to please this insatiable butt-boy! Joining the party straight away, Billy’s smooth torso and hot beard looks amazing between the muscle of Spencer and the fuzzy Dominic! The action just gets hotter and hotter as Spencer brings out a flip-cam for his own recording of this unprecedented meeting of musclemen! With Billy taking the first fuck of the day, his big thick dick goes way up into Dominic, and then Spencer gets too hot to handle and has his own turn on that inviting butt! With Spencer sucking and fucking at the same time, it’s no wonder Billy is spunking over Dominic already before licking his own load up, ready for the next group to turn up!

Just as Dominic and Billy rest on the sofa, a whole load of toolbox men turn up still in their overalls, ready to strip them off and get the real party started! Bringing the younger hairy Damian Boss, muscled Aitor Crash, Valentin Alsina and Adam Killian all in in one go is one hell of a sight to have, and it’s only a matter of seconds before the lips are wet, the butts are out and the dicks are solid! There really is too much to look at, but just rest back and enjoy this melee of muscle as US stars Spencer and Adam get to grips with the British and European studs in more ways than one. Butt licking, face fucking and enough hair to keep everyone happy, the dicks are massive and proud, and our hunky host reigns over them all taking in this superb sight of a 100% beef orgy!

As the men start to pair off a little, Damian Boss, Aitor Crash and the resident bottom boy Dominic get to know each other a bit more whilst the others are on the other sofa enjoy themselves. Giving us some great time to focus on these men, Aitor’s tattooed, hairy muscle looks amazing, and his handsome face when stuffed with dick is awesome! Newbie Damian has a really impressive slab of meat between his legs and an appetite to show it off and get another fucked down his throat, he’s in the perfect place for this! All three here are handsome, hairy and perfect Alphamales, who could want more? But as Aitor slams into Dominic and Damian fucks his face in unison, that question is answered, and with a peek of the other sofa to match, this with surely tip you over into orgasm time and time again!

Taking a look across the way, Valentin proves himself to be just as hungry a passive boy as Dominic, sucking on both Billy and Adam’s dicks one after the other until Adam takes a liking for his arse, raising him up and eating out that pink hole, even giving us a look at his own furry ass as he does it! Stretching it with his thumbs, opening this guy wide enough for his famously thick dick, Billy keeps him quiet with a dick in his throat! With Adam first to fuck, the angles we’re given are out of this world, butthole stretching action in close-up perfect views, and the sight of that freshly fucked hole twitching as it’s given Billy’s dick, there’s no time for catching your breath as it’s a ceaseless fuckfest that will keep everyone on the edge of spunking until the very cum-fuelled climax!

You may have missed an invite to the main event, but you’re cordially invited to join in Behind the Scenes as we’re treated to exclusive interviews from the biggest stars of Alphamales, both US and European! Tattooed, musclebound gods of the porn screen are here preparing for the orgy of a lifetime, in Spencer’s swanky Thames view apartment as we get to know each one intimately, including the crew of Alphamales!


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