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AlphaMale Media AlphaMale Media

Studio: AlphaMales Media
Directed by: Jack Jones
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Great Britain

Jessy Ares
Antonio Garcia
Justin King
Marcus Troy
Dolan Wolf

It’s another hard day on the job with the men of Trojan’s Toolbox. New recruits Justin and Jessy get down to it, ruining their overalls as they rip them apart for a taste of hot hairy ass whilst Marcus and Gio make themselves even later for the office by getting distracted with their muscled bodies and hairy chest, big Latino dicks and hungry holes! The handsome cover star Jessy Ares gives us a hot American flavour with his dark brooding looks and hairy muscled body, perfect for the Toolbox!

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 1: Jessy Ares fucks Justin King
The men have been sent to fix some plumbing. Justin has to climb over the sink to inspect the tubes and in doing so presents his meaty ass to his co-worker Jessy. It’s like a red flag to a bull. Jessy literally dives in and Justin barely complains. The boys kiss, take off their overalls, explore each other’s hairy bodies and feel the hard cocks pushing in their pants. Justin pushes Jessy against the wall and start sucking the thick cock. When the heat of his mouth becomes too much for Jess he pushes Justin back, on the bed and returns the favour by sucking his dick and tasting his meaty hairy ass. He Fucks Justin like that, on his back and gradually turns him over until he lays on his front and Jessy can dig in deep. But that’s not enough. Jessy turns him upside down and drills him more before shooting on Justin’s chest while he works Jessy’s balls with his mouth. Justin is not long to follow and shoots a massive creamy load on the rest of his front. Jessy receives a call from Trojan. He is needed on the other site. He leaves Justin to finish the job.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 2: Antonio Garcia fucks Dolan Wolf
On the other site Dolan is enjoying a little me time when Antonio arrives and turns the me into us. He goes straight for Dolan’s mouth and cock. Dolan is happy to let the Italian man take charge. After taking Dolan’s t-shirt off and playing with his nipples, Antonio guides the man’s mouth to his throbbing meat. Dolan likes to be gagged, Antonio likes to gag. Who can argue there? Antonio reaches for Dolan’s ass while his cock is still deep in his throat. He bends over and licks the hairy hole from above but before he can impale the man, Dolan turns on his back, Antonio sits on his face and gets his balls serviced and decides to return the favour by sucking Dolan’s cock until he pulls his legs up, frees him from his clothes, slaps his cock on his hole and then power drills him from all sides before Dolan is pushed against the wall and fucked hard till he shoots a massive load. Antonio shoots right after and showers Dolan’s hairy ass in hot cum.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 3: Gio Cruz fucks Marcus Troy
Marcus is late for work – again. But luckily Gio has brought his mate’s overalls with him. Marcus starts changing but when he drops his pants and shows his meaty ass, Gio loses any will to work he had and just walks up to Marcus to let him know the schedule has changed. He half-heartedly complains but feeling Gio’s finger on his hole and knowing Gio packs a big cock in his pants makes him forget about work and gives in. he turns around, they kiss, Marcus slowly works his way down Gio’s hairless body till he gets to the bulge growing in his jock. Marcus backs up onto the bed and sucks it on all fours allowing Gio to reach for his ass a bit more. Marcus then turns on his back and gets his throat deep fucked and his cock sucked. The boys enjoy the 69 but Marcus has other needs that need to be taken care of. He turns around and presents his ass again to Gio; who is more than happy to lubricate with his own spit before plunging his cock deep inside Marcus. He drills his hole deep before turning him again on his back for more deep fucking that culminates in their loads being shot on each other’s chest.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 4: Jessy Ares & Tiko flip-fuck
Jessy arrives at the site and finds Tiko already waiting for him. The job has been on hold for a few hours already. What’s an extra half hour? Jessy walks up to Tiko, pulls him up and they get to business. They explore each other mouths and taste each other’s skin until their cocks are rock hard and free from their fabric jails. It’s Tiko that takes the lead and drops on his knees to taste Jessy’s cock and balls. And it’s a nice tasty set. Jessy loves his balls licked but he loves to suck cock too so he pulls Tiko up and then pushes him back down so he can wrap his lips around the man’s dick. It is only natural for a top like Jessy to slowly move down and eat Tiko’s ass. And he is very good at it because Tiko decides to let Jessy fuck him in the same position. Tiko is not used to the feeling but he lets himself go and enjoys feeling that cock push his ass open. But Jessy has one more itch to scratch and moves to the stepladder presenting his own ass to Tiko. He drops down on his knees again to eat that hole and then stands up to fill it. Jessy gets fucked till his ass is about to drain Tiko’s balls. They both unload on Jessy’s hairy torso.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 5: Jessy Ares solo
There’s only a few things that can fix a bad day. Having a wank right after clocking off is one of those. Jessy didn’t even wait to get home. His cock had been rock hard all day. He feels the rough material rubbing on the head of his cock. He lets it out and keeps the fabric wrapped around his cock to heighten the feeling. Rough is so good he slots his cock in another overall and literally fucks the locker. Jessy sits down, indulges in a more classic wank but the space between the wooden slats of his bench look just big enough to fit his cock through… Jessy really goes for it and fucks anything available that will help him release the tension. He turns around, lay on his back and finally convulses from the orgasm and spews a thick load that slowly drips off his cock. The day is truly over, time to hit the showers and go home.

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