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AlphaMale Media AlphaMale Media

Studio: AlphaMales Media
Directed by: Jack Jones
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Great Britain

Yohann Banks
Leo Domenico
Antonio Garcia
Joe Gunn / Joe Gunner
Adam Herst
Geoffrey Paine
Marco Sessions
Dolan Wolf

After the big meltdown experienced in the last few episodes Trojan picks himself up, sorts out his life and gets back to work. If all his men can do is FUCK! Then that’s what they will do! His contacts allow him to quickly spread the word that Toolbox will now provide any kind of men for any kind of fantasy. And the customers don’t let this opportunity pass by!

We encounter Joe, Geoffrey and Yohann, and talk about horrible English accents, strumpets, creative writing and blue balls. (which was a first for me).
   We meet Dolan and Tiko and we perve on Dolan just out of the shower.
   Marco and Antonio have played with each other before so it was a fun and very hot scene to film.. they know what buttons to push. Marco enjoys having a “real”job which gets him to wear shirt and specs! But not for long. Antonio is still teaching him how to swallow it deep without crying and has some very good advice on how Marco can make more money with his ass.
   And we finally get to Leo and Adam. Adam is FUN! Has a wicked sense of humour and describes Leo as the “tower of London” of his London sightseeing tour. We discover Leo wants to do a bi scene (shush!) but still wants to fuck the hell out of Adam…

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 1: Geoffrey Paine & Joe Gunn spit-roast Yohann Banks
Geoffrey and Joe have just arrived to London, they are famished and the opt for a more refined dining experience than the fried chicken on offer around the station. They book a place for 2 in a well renown Beef joint. They get to the place and enjoy a very fine piece of polish beef.
   Yohann is waiting for the men on the bed and they don’t waste any time. They kiss and get things started and soon Yohann’s mouth is filled with 2 very big fillets. He does his best to work them both equally but Geoffrey wants to skewer his ass. So after a little bit more double sucking on his knees, Yohann is back on the bed with Joe’s cock in his mouth and Geoffrey’s tongue in his ass. They boys share their meat; they turn him around and swap positions. It’s Joe that gets to taste Yohann’s ass first while Geoff is deeply lodged in his mouth. They swap again and finally Geoff gets to slide inside the already worked up hole. He works it up a bit more before turning his dinner on his back and sharing it again with him man. A few strokes each never hurt anybody. Joe comes first and shoots a massive load of cream right on Yohann’s chest, mouth and well over his head. Geoffrey follows suit with an even bigger load that pools on his chest and finally Yohann’s empties his own balls.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 2: Tiko fucks Dolan Wolf
Tiko knows Trojan well… he has worked for him before! So who else would he call to arrange for a foot massage? Trojan books Dolan for the job. A perfect choice as the man is partial to feel. And is a perfect match for the latino hot blooded stud! Tiko arrives and is taken care of by Dolan, he frees his feet and gets to work. Tiko knows very well where this is gonna go (after all that’s WHY he called Trojan). Dolan works his feet with pleasure, with fingers and tongue. Tiko soon gets excited by it and his hand slips down inside his trousers. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Dolan which soon replaces tiko’s hand with his own mouth. He sucks tiko laying on the sofa and then on his knees. Tiko swaps positions and tastes Dolan’s cock but soon starts playing with his ass and gives it a very good fingering. Dolan turns around and bends over to better offer the warm hole to his customer. Tiko Laps it up and fingers it more until he pushes himself (or at least his hard cock) deep inside dolan in one seamless, uninterrupted stroke. He fucks him hard on all 4’s and then turns him on the coffe table, on his back. His head resting on a bible (too controversial?) fucks him more enjoying seeing the pleasure on Dolan’s face. He fucks him fast and then it’s a quick take cock out – pull condom off- shoot far on dolan’s chest while simultaneously dolan shoots on his own hairy belly. Perfect timing.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 3: Geoffrey Paine solo
There is no doubt about it. Geoffrey is a real man! He’s tall, hairy, beefy and has an beautiful, big straight cock! So you can imagine I really enjoyed watching him stroke his meat for you. He starts undressing and slowly reveals his hairy chest, then his well packed underwear and finally frees a magnificent long, thick cock from the cotton restraint. He works it good standing up then sits down for a more comfortable feeling experience. There’s only so much cock stroking I can watch so I prepared a little present for him. He pulls a box from under the sofa and takes out an ice-jack and spunk lube. The man loves fleshjacks and it’s pretty much like a kind in a candy shop! He squirts some lube between the fleshjack lips, and follows by forcing his cock in. He lays down and enjoys the ride. In case you don’t believe the size of his cock… you can see it reaching the end of the fleshjack. It’s a symbiotic relationship between cock and silicone that culminates in a very big load being squirted on his hairy belly.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 4: Antonio Garcia fucks Marco Sessions
Antonio has heard of Trojan’s services and it’s tax time. He tries to tackle the task but he soon gives up and calls for help. Trojan sends Marco over, he did train as an accountant before starting to work for him! Marco arrives just when Antonio was enjoying some porn on his laptop. Marco instantly gets horny; Antonio is exactly the type of man he loves to feel inside him but decides to bide his time; after doing most of the work he calls Antonio over for some explanations about weekend expenditures. He refuses to sneak partying and whores into the accounts but decides to provide a more personal approach and get his hands on the daddy’s meat. He gets Antonio’s thick meat out and kneels down to worship and feel it down his throat. Antonio enjoys feeding the stud but decides to return the favour before clearing the desk and bending Marco over it to spread his cheeks and get access to his hole. He eats and fingers the smooth hole making it ready for his cock. Marco can’t wait to feel Antonio force against his muscle and decides to suck the man some more before presenting his hole to the rock hard cock. Antonio fucks him hard and deep bent over the desk before deciding he wants to see the man bob up and down his cock. Marco sits on it on the sofa until Antonio pushes him off, turns him around and pushes him back on the sofa, on his back and fucks him hard until he makes Marco empty his balls on his chest before getting him back on his knees and shooting his own spunkload on Marco’s face and mouth.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 5: Leo Domenico fucks Adam Herst
Adam gets to the office early morning but he’s still suffering from last night football match. What he needs is a good deep massage! He knows it’s Leo’s strength and calls Trojan to book a massage by him. He gets to the appointment and is greeted by a shorts wearing Leo; exactly what he was hoping for. He lays on the table and lets him get on with his work. Leo oils and massages the American beefy man’s back.. legs.. rump. Adam has a beautiful meaty ass and Leo can’t stop himself from exploring what lies hidden between the two mounds of flesh. The fingers gliding on his hole result in a massive hard on Adam’s part and Leo pulls his cock between his legs for a gentle hand massage before turning Adam on his back and continuing the massage with his mouth while stimulating his insides with his finger. Adam enjoys the double service but he is more interested in what lies hidden under the tight white shorts, so he reaches down and pulls Leo’s already hard cock out. Leo moves round and feeds his own meat to the hungry mouth. Adam then turns on all fours to suck him better and offer his hole for more stimulation. Leo fingers him a bit more but soon switches fingers for tongue. He works the hole loose enough to be able to push his cock to the base in one go. He fucks him hard and deep from the back, using the table to prop his leg up to open his hole more and then they switch to Adam on his back, his ass hanging from the edge of the table and Leo holding his legs up while fucking the hell out of him. Adam sprays ohis load on himself while being fucked and Leo follows suit and shoots a massive thick load all the way to Adam’s shoulder and pecs.

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