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AlphaMale Media AlphaMale Media

Studio: AlphaMales Media
Directed by: Jack Jones
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Great Britain

Yohann Banks
Samuel Colt
Gio Cruz
Joe Gunn / Joe Gunner
Issac Jones
Justin King
Lucio Saints
Ken Ten

It’s a hard trade to be in, especially when the clients like it rough! Luckily for them though, Trojan Rock and his toolbox can fix any desire, and his men are put through their paces with a succession of giant dicks, massive muscle men and the hungriest holes in the city. Working tirelessly to make sure they are given the best service they could imagine, the job’s a good one and everyone is left smiling, covered in wads of thick white spunk!

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 1: Lucio Saints fucks Samuel Colt
In London for a week, beefy, muscle god Samuel Colt needs a hard gym workout to get him feeling pumped, and when Trojan Rock himself suggests a place where this Lucio Saints might be, there’s no question where he’s heading! In a matter of moments Samuels and Lucio are in the gym, working on each other’s mouths, armpits and dicks, Lucio’s massive dick the star of the show! As Samuel lays back on the bench, Lucio takes the opportunity to fuck his throat in the perfect position, leaving Samuel gagging on the throbbing shaft and covering it in spit. After some hot ass, Lucio gets Samuel on his knees and abuses his hole with finger after finger, getting him wet and ready for his XXL dick! Eating, spitting and working that smooth pink hole with his stubbled face, it does the job as Lucio slides in nicely from tip to hilt and fucks the life out of this hunk of a man

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 2: Gio Cruz fucks Justin King
Back in business, hairy young fucker Justin King meets with boss Trojan Rock in the office just as Latino stud Gio come sin off a job. Leaving the two workers to discuss tactics, Trojan heads off, knowing exactly what’s gonna happen! Showing off his secret weapon, Gio unzips himself in front of a very pleased Justin. Eager to show his worth to the new team, Justin is more than happy to devour dick and bend over the sofa, exposing his hot hole for an ever horny Gio to stuff full with his thick dark meat! Pushed this way and that as Gio gets what he wants from the new recruit, he’s soon shoved onto the sofa and Gio dumps his load over his rugged hairy chest, just what we like to see!

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 3: Joe Gunn solo
There’s nothing better than watching a man stroke his meat. And Joe has a very nice meat to stroke.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 4: Samuel Colt fucks Issac Jones
Samuel as at the end of his holiday and tries to meet Trojan for a goodbye drink. Trojan is tied up with work but arranges a little goodbye present for his friend. Samuel arrives at the HQ and to find his present waiting for him. Already in his underwear. The penny drops when Issac grabs him but Samuel is more than glad for this present… they soon get undressd and Issac starts to work on Samuels cock and balls. Samuels returns the favour and gives Issac a real deep throat strong suck. Samuel has a soft sport for fucking sexy Frenchmen and soon gets up to move his attention to Issac’s hairy butt. He pushes Issac face down on the bed and spreads those ass cheeks to reveal a tight hairy hole. After prepping it and wetting it Samuel pulls him up and replaces his tongue with his cock. He fucks him over the edge of the bed and then lets Issac sit on him and fuck himself. Issac shoots a big load all over Samuel’s hairy chest and rolls off him to allow the man to wank himself off while Issac takes care of his over sensitive nipples. Samuel shoots another big load all over himself.

AlphaMale Media
SCENE 5: Ken Ten fucks Yohann Banks
It takes a lot of hard work to join the forces at TROJAN’S TOOLBOX, and Yohann can’t wait to put the newest recruit through his paces! Our bearded beauty gives black dude Ken some strict instructions, and makes sure every package is thoroughly inspected before signing – including his delicious hard dick and great smooth tattooed body! Soon bouncing on top of the sofa, Ken shows him just how much he’s learnt in the few days of training, and if the moans and groans coming from Yohann are anything to go by, then he’s come top of the class!

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