Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED JP Dubois Bruno Fox Dean Monroe Jonny Kingdom Kayden Gray Dolan Wolf Lyle Boyce Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED JP Dubois Bruno Fox Dean Monroe Jonny Kingdom Kayden Gray Dolan Wolf Lyle Boyce

Studio: Bulldog
Directed by: Ashley Ryder
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Great Britain

Lyle Boyce
JP Dubois
Bruno Fox
Kayden Gray
Dean Monroe
Dolan Wolf

Director and super porn star Ashley Ryder is back and this time brings his new favourite toy into the mix! Presenting one of the most merciless fuck machines to all his friends, he challenges each and every one of them to see how far they can go with it, and his mates don’t disappoint! Inviting megastars Dean Monroe, JP Dubois and Kayden Gray, they either take it on alone, or bring support with them and have a melee of real dick, fake dick and a whole lot of juice being used as they push themselves and their holes further than ever before. You’ll be egging them on as they crank up the speed dial and jerking faster and faster in time with the thrusting and pumping of the steel and silicone being pushed and pounded into their loosened and hungry holes!!

Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED
SCENE 1: JP Dubois
Hanging on by the Thames, trendy young muscle pup JP Dubois gets a call from fetish devil Ashley Ryder, eager to try out his new toy on his unsuspecting friends! Heading to Ashley’s apartment/lair, JP is presented with a challenge in the form of giant blue dildos and a very special machine, looking right him! Never one to pass on a sexy arse-stretching challenge, JP is left to loosen himself up and take as much as the mains-operated machine can give him. Starting slowly with a knobbled dildo, the lube is soon dripping down his smooth ass as he progresses quickly until he jumps up and turn around, letting his ass get owned by the machine, pumping him hard with the thickest dildo ever created, his peachy butt looks perfect as he pushes back and it pushes forward, really cranked up to full throttle! Giving his hole a break before it itself breaks, he moves down a dildo size, lays back and shoots his load mid fuck!

Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED
SCENE 2: Bruno Fox & Dean Monroe
Who says a fuck machine is just for one player at a time? Calling on buff hunks Dean Monroe and Bruno Fox, Ashley really wants to put these muscled dudes and the machine through their paces, and with power bottom Dean and super-top Bruno, that’s what we’re going to get! Impressed with the thick dick Bruno’s sporting, mixed with the huge dildos of the fuck machine, Dean’s hungry hole is in heaven! After some severe throat fucking and ass slapping, Dean’s in a space where he’ll take anything, just what Bruno was after! In full control of the machine, Bruno slows down and speeds up the thrust, all whilst Dean moans like a bitch as he also devours Bruno’s thick shaft, getting fed dick from both ends! Not letting the machine replace him completely, Bruno mounts the loosened but still hungry Dean, fucking him until they both sweat and squirt their jizz everywhere, enjoying every sordid second of Ashley’s challenge!

Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED
SCENE 3: Lyle Boyce

Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED
SCENE 4: Jonny Kingdom & Kayden Gray
With the juice still flowing into the machine, Ashley needs more fit fuckers to have a go on his machine, this time he texts blond stud Jonny Kingdom who just so happens to be with young muscle man Kayden Gray. Up for something special from the London scene, Jonny persuades his friend to join him for something special, and they both rock up to the apartment, desperate to see what’s going to happen! As they sit down, they’re face to face with the thickest dildo they’ve ever seen on the end of the infamous fuck machine. As they strip naked together, Kayden is well up for getting down and dirty with Jonny, who wouldn’t be with his lean trim body, matching with Kayden’s hot built body and thick dick. Jonny pushing Kayden’s head down onto his long shaft, stretching his throat as he goes. Fingering Jonny and getting him ready for his thick shaft and long dick, Kayden goes to town on Jonny’s smooth hole, giving us perfect visbilty as Jonny’s stretched around Kayden’s meat, fucking him hard into the sofa, but that’s not the end there! Jonny wants Kayden to feel what he’s feeling and moves up the machine to fuck his mate as he in turn is getting fucked! This is one daisy chain like no other!! Swopping over and pushing each other to go faster and faster, Jonny gets to top speed as Kayden leans back and jerks at this hot sight. Swopping over yet again, Kayden wants to beat his mate at getting the thick dildo to top speed too, and spunks load after load as he’s still being pumped full by the machine, definitely one not to miss!

Bulldog Ashley Ryder DRILLED
SCENE 5: Dolan Wolf
There’s time for one more man to give the machine a go, and hairy hunk Dolan is the man to call! This super-bottom is always good for a call, and even when he’s fucking some trade, he picks up the phone, finishes himself off and heads over to Ashley’s kitted out in a damn fine leather harness. Greeted by Ashley and his machine, Dolan doesn’t need any introduction and grabs the nearest thick dildo and squats right on it, presenting his hairy ass to the camera so we can see just how much he can take and what a great bottom he is! With the lube dripping down, he pushes the dildo all the way in and all the way out, leaving his hole more than ready for a fucking by our new favourite toy! Twisting and turning and bouncing along in motion, Dolan takes the thickest dildo as if it were just a pinkie! Watching him and hearing the machine purr, you’ll be stroking in rhythm without even realising and shooting your load in sync with super stud Dolan!


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