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Bulldog Ashley Ryder PENANCE Alex Silvers James Dixon Justin Blake Kayden Gray Mark Coxx Theo Reid Bulldog Ashley Ryder PENANCE Alex Silvers James Dixon Justin Blake Kayden Gray Mark Coxx Theo Reid

Studio: Bulldog
Directed by: Ashley Ryder
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Great Britain

Justin Blake
Mark Coxx
James Dixon
Kayden Gray
Theo Reid
Alex Silvers

We all need a little help now and again, and with hung, sexy priests Theo and Kayden offering encouragement to their parishioners, what could go awry? When the booth is occupied, the curtains are drawn and the young confessors and kneeling, it’s a help of a more physical variety than spiritual one of offer! A sneaky door is opened and out comes a helping hand or a thick juicy dick to treat them right and fuck them hard! Both Kayden and Theo have the perfect dick to fuck, huge, thick and throbbing, it’s every young man’s dream come true, and a Penance definitely worth taking. If this is the route to Heaven, imagine what it’s like once there!

Bulldog Ashley Ryder PENANCE
SCENE 1: Father Theo Reid fucks Mark Coxx
Down on his knees, handsome young Mark Coxx asks for forgiveness for what he’s about to do, and without a second to spare, jumps up and pulls out his long, nicely curved dick already rock solid and begins slowly stroking himself as he takes in one damn hot magazine, releasing himself before bed. The morning comes all too soon and mark does what any good Catholic boy does and heads straight to confession. Once inside the dark wooden booth, he explains to the fit young fucker Theo Reid exactly the kid of sordid thoughts running through his mind daily. Unable to contain himself, the priest gives Mark his penance in the form of a slyly hidden hatch opening, and our young priests thick, throbbing dick pushing through! Already on his knees, Mark faces the dripping dick and his throat opens for his master, getting face fucked hard behind the curtains! Doing as he’s asked by the man in charge, Mark gets his own dick sucked before bending over to take what he needs to, first from Father Theo’s tongue, and then his juicy dick sliding up inside his visitor. Soon fully forgiven, the cum exchanges booths, and Mark wipes himself clean before leaving the Father for his next confession.

Bulldog Ashley Ryder PENANCE
SCENE 2: Father Theo Reid fucks Justin Blake
Father Theo Reid is back in his confessional and opens the partition screen to Justin Blake. Justin is straight, blond and a hot young Aussie. He feels that recently he has done something terribly wrong and not even his girlfriend can find out. Justin has been cruising the online chat rooms and speaking with a girl, well he though she was a she.. They arranged to meet and when she turned up if turned out to be a hot guy. Overcome by disappointment but totally horned up from what they talked about online he says he opened the door and fucked with the guy. This confession just turns Theo on even more than before and it’s not long before he’s leaning back, stroking himself as he hears every sordid detail! Reaching through the concealed hole, Theo rests a hand on Justin. Surprised but excited Justin succumbs quickly to Father Theo’s advances and they both enjoy what god gave them through the glory hole. Justin relives getting fucked from his confession as Theo fucks him hard enough to almost being the confessional down, the moans and groans surely giving the game away to the congregation! Theo doesn’t take any prisoners and keeps fucking our toned slightly muscled bottom boy until they both shoot hot thick cum over each other.

Bulldog Ashley Ryder PENANCE
SCENE 3: Father Kayden Gray fucks James Dixon
Hung young James heads to church with a heavy heart. He’s got a problem that only Father Kayden, with his famously thick long dick can solve. Afraid he won’t get into Heaven, Kayden soon relaxes this young soul by reaching out to him, physically more than spiritually! With some encouraging words, our priest quickly gets what he wants as James, on his knees gets a face stuffed full of giant dick, twitching and dripping precum as his tongue caresses every inch, and there are a lot of them! Slowly working his thick shaft into James through the concealed entrance, James is fucked hard and fast, his own huge dick pushed down, solid at every thrust into him, the grace of God pushing deeper into him than he thought possible. The feeling of Kayden fucking him is pure ecstasy and he soon can’t take much more and shoots his load, covering the booth in sticky juice, the confession is done and the penance is paid!

Bulldog Ashley Ryder PENANCE
SCENE 4: Alex Silvers fucks Father Kayden Gray
It’s the final confession of the day and Father Kayden receives an unexpected visitor not from his parish. Blond young stud Alex Silvers comes in with a problem, but it’s not a spiritual one, it’s one much closer to the truth! Knowing what Kayden does in this booth, the holy man has just fucked his boyfriend, and this time it’s the priest who needs his penance! Blackmailing the young, hung fucker, Alex is after revenge for deflowering his boyfriend, Kayden has no choice but take what’s coming to him, after all, he can’t have this booth exposed! Alex gets what he wants and takes the priests ass for his own and rams his own long dick into the moaning and groaning priest, giving as good as his boyfriend got from him previously! Rocking the booth ‘til it almost collapses, the priests game is up, at least for this service; there’s always next Sunday!


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