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Ashton McKay Tom Faulk Alexander Gustavo Ali Kaden Alexander DIRTY RIDER 2 Bromo bareback

Studio: Bromo.com
Directed by: Bromo.com
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kaden Alexander
Tom Faulk
Alexander Gustavo
Ashton McKay


DIRTY RIDER 2 Bromo bareback
PART 1: Ashton McKay fucks Tom Faulk

Bromo’s celebrated series Dirty Rider is back to deliver even better goods with its second installment. Bringing us a new lineup of horny guys starting with Ashton McKay and Tom Faulk. The guys take a ride in the great outdoors and take a break to properly fuck each other raw over their ATV.

DIRTY RIDER 2 Bromo bareback
PART 2: Ashton McKay fucks Alexander Gustavo

Alexander Gustavo and Ashton McKay are taking a four-wheeler for a spin in the woods when their urges kick in. Ashton promptly gets on his knees and starts sucking on Alexander’s huge cock, before roughly flipping him around and shoving his thick meat raw inside Alexander’s eager hole.

DIRTY RIDER 2 Bromo bareback
PART 3: Ali fucks Alexander Gustavo

Ali and Alexander Gustavo love the outdoors as well as a good fuck. So it comes as no surprise that they start fucking while on their adventures. They start off by jerking themselves off side by side and before long, Alexander is deep-throating Ali’s big dick and vice-versa. Ali then properly rims Alexander’s hot ass before sliding in raw.

DIRTY RIDER 2 Bromo bareback
PART 4: Ali fucks Kaden Alexander

Ali is back in the woods, and this time with Kaden Alexander in tow. The two ride around on an ATV before getting to a cozy spot and immediately start blowing each other. Ali then works his magic tongue on Kaden’s hot bubble butt who then casually sits and rides Ali’s thick cock until he’s ready to blow.

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