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Brad Powers Pierce Hartman Griffin Barrows Brady Bennett Leon Lewis THE INTRUDER Bromo bareback

Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Griffin Barrows
Brady Bennett
Pierce Hartman
Leon Lewis
Brad Powers


Brad Powers Pierce Hartman Griffin Barrows Brady Bennett Leon Lewis THE INTRUDER Bromo bareback
PART 1: Brad Powers fucks Pierce Hartman

In the first installment of The Indruder series, Pierce Hartman is putting the final touches on his cake when Intruder Brad Powers comes through the backdoor. Pierce offers more than a piece of cake, and soon finds himself face down and filled up by Brad’s huge cock.

THE INTRUDER Bromo bareback
PART 2: Brad Powers fucks Griffin Barrows

Part 2 of The Intruder series starts with an unexpecting Griffin Barrows minding his own business. That is until the Intruder, Brad Powers, appears from behind the shower curtain. Griffin is reluctant, but Brad’s hands feel so good he can’t help but explore more of what the Intruder has to offer.

THE INTRUDER Bromo bareback
PART 3: Brad Powers fucks Brady Bennett

Brady Bennett drifts off on a sleepy afternoon, just as The Intruder Brad Powers decides to take advantage of the opportunity to ride the unsuspecting Brady. With every inch of his body explored by The Intruder’s toungue, Brad’s mask gets removed so the boys can get dirty.

THE INTRUDER Bromo bareback
PART 4: Brad Powers fucks Leon Lewis

Leon Lewis must be asking “Where did my underwear go?”, he only dropped them off a second ago. He soon gets his answer when he opens the closet to find a big piece of man meat in the form of Brad Powers’ cock. Leon uses his muscular frame to finally reverse the tables on The Intruder, pinning him to the matress. Grinding together, Brad ties Leon’s hands, and slides his huge cock in to Leons waiting ass.

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