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Jaxton Wheeler Brandon Evans Brad Powers Jordan Levine SUBMISSION Bromo bareback

Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brandon Evans
Jordan Levine
Brad Powers
Jaxton Wheeler


SUBMISSION Bromo bareback
PART 1: Jaxton Wheeler dominates Brandon Evans

In this first installment of Submission, Jaxton Wheeler and Brandon Evans square up in the hexagon, however, Brandon is no match for Jaxton who takes him down almost immediately. Since he lost, Brandon submits to Jaxton who starts off by face-fucking him for a good while before shoving his massive cock bareback deep inside Brandon, treating him like the fuck-toy that he is.

SUBMISSION Bromo bareback
PART 2: Brad Powers takes control of Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton is back for another match, and this time with Brad Powers. To Jaxton’s “big” surprise, Brad takes control of him and right away starts pounding his beautifully muscled ass. He keeps fucking Jaxton bareback, hard and fast, until the two blow their loads all over the ring.

SUBMISSION Bromo bareback
PART 3: Jordan Levine face-fucks Brandon Evans

It is Jordan Levine’s turn to take on Brandon Evans, who stands no chance since he’s immediately overtaken by Jordan, who shoves his massive dick down Brandon’s pretty face. Jordan face-fucks Brandon until he’s nice and rock hard, then starts banging Brandon’s ass raw and all over the cage until they both unload.

SUBMISSION Bromo bareback
PART 4: Jordan Levine fucks Scott Riley

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