Raging Stallion / Fetish Force BACK ALLEY Felix Barca JR Matthews Jesse Santana Leo Forte Race Cooper Tony Buff Raging Stallion / Fetish Force BACK ALLEY Felix Barca JR Matthews Jesse Santana Leo Forte Race Cooper Tony Buff

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fetish Force
Directed by: Tony Buff
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Felix Barca
Tony Buff
Race Cooper
Leo Forte
JR Matthews
Jesse Santana

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Set in a back alley and the adjacent sex club, this feature is loaded with all the sultry, rough and raunchy acts that you expect from Fetish Force: Bondage, Tit Torture, Cock & Ball Torture, Impact Play, Watersports, Fisting, Shibari, Flogging, Single-Tail Whipping, Piss Drinking, Cum Eating, Toe Sucking, Foreskin Biting and brutal hardcore sex. If anything kink and crazy is your thing, then you want to visit this Back Alley.

Raging Stallion / Fetish Force BACK ALLEY
COOP TAKES A FIST: Race Cooper and Felix Barca
The chemistry between Race Cooper and Felix Barca is off the charts. The uber sexy Felix has Race chained from the rafters with a leather hood over his head. Felix works and teases his sub’s nipples with his fingers, teeth and nipple clamps. Every scream from Race gets a slap to the abs and chest. Felix removes the hood to reveal a ball gagged Race, then removes Race’s leather jock strap and attaches a large heavy metal ball crusher, working Race’s balls till he’s screaming and quivering. Free from his chains and on his knees in front of Felix, Race provides some of the best deepthroating. Race works Felix’s uncut meat well, and his big dick is so hard from sucking Felix that he finally blows his load all over Felix’s massive boot. Race leans down and licks every drop of his cum off the stud’s boot. Shortly after, Felix has Race bent over a barrel in a back alley. Felix starts massaging Race’s prostate and working his fingers in one by one, each time pulling out to show his gaping hole. Felix works Race’s ass with some hot 4 finger banging until Race’s moaning. Felix gloves and lubes up preparing Race for his first fisting session ever on film. Felix pulls out a giant dildo and works Race’s ass with it plunging it in and out till Race’s ass is open and well lubed. After working and massaging Race’s hole with eager determination he finally succeeds and gets his fist in all the way. Felix works Race’s hole with his fist before deciding Race has had enough and pulls out his hand, removes his gloves and blows a big hot load over Race’s hot bubble butt.

Raging Stallion / Fetish Force BACK ALLEY
STRUNG UP AND FUCKED: Tony Buff and JR Matthews
Tony Buff is performing some full suspension rope work on sexy ginger JR Matthews. Sporting a super sexy buzz and beard, Buff wastes no time getting JR roped up. JR’s pale skin and beautiful body look great contrasting against the red rope. Matthews is quickly, fully suspended with his ass in optimal position for one of Buff’s other pleasures, eating ass. Buff’s cock looks ready to burst out of his jeans, and as soon as he gets his tongue in JRs’ ass, it literally does! After a good ass eating Buff gets his cock ready and thrusts his fat meat into JR’s smooth hole. Buff gives the ginger a good fucking before releasing him for some cock worship. Matthew’s tries his best to swallow Buff’s fat cock and works a hot load out of his own hard cock in the process. Buff returns the favor by shooting his jizz on JR’s shoulder.

Raging Stallion / Fetish Force BACK ALLEY
LESSONS WILL BE LEARNED: Jesse Santana and Leo Forte
Leo Forte leads the insanely sexy Jesse Santana to a back alley sex club. You know it’s going get kinky when the door opens and Tony Buff appears to direct them to a play space upstairs. Leo is in full Dom mode as he leads Jesse inside and attaches a set of nipple clamps to the boy’s pierced nipples. Jesse drops to his knees and starts worshipping Leo’s cock and balls. He devours Leo’s cock as the Dom tugs on the boy’s clamped nipples. Jesse gladly takes Leo’s piss and doesn’t waste a drop. Next, it’s St Andrews Cross for Jesse. Leo roughs up Jesse’s nipples until the boy’s pierced cock is leaking precum. Leo puts Jesse through some intense impact play and tries to break him down. Jesse takes it all and shows us he is a hardcore player. Leo turns Jesse around and begins with a flogger, striking Jesse’s back, ass and thighs. Building and varying the intensity of the blows, Leo’s masterful skill is further demonstrated when Leo takes up his cracking signal whip and applies the single tail to Jesse’s back. Jesse’s ability to take the whip is impressive. Once Jesse’s back is red and welted, Leo returns to the flogger and drives Jesse to his breaking point. But no scene this intense would be complete without aftercare. Jesse is treated to a hard biting rim job and then a torrent of Leo’s piss which the boy is eager to get into his mouth. Leo then fucks Jesse, sucking on his toes and licking his feet while plowing deep into his ass. Leo continues to slam Jesse until the boy blows a load all over his torso and Leo dumps his milky jizz on Jesse’s ass.


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