Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ 22 Jake Deckard Logan McCree Manuel DeBoxer

Studio: Raging Stallion Compilation
Directed by: Chris Ward & Ben Leon
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Aaron Action
Aybars / Aybars Turker
RJ Danvers
Manuel DeBoxer
Jake Deckard
Mike Dreyden
Conner Habib
Tristan Jaxx
Logan McCree
Roman Ragazzi

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Handpicked classic scenes from: 5th Floor, Rear Deliveries, High Tops, Grunts: The New Recruits & Tales of the Arabian Nights Part 1.

THE 5TH FLOOR: Aaron Action
Aaron Action sits in a long hallway and strips down for a quick jerk off. His hairy pecs and abs lead straight into his pants. Once he’s naked he finds a black dildo and pushes it into his ass, riding it and playing with his fat uncut cock until he shoots.

THE 5TH FLOOR: Logan McCree and RJ Danvers
Logan McCree and RJ Danvers are on the roof making out and sucking dick. Against the glowing blue sky with the cityscape in the background, Logan and RJ strip each other down as the sky darkens. Logan and RJ find real chemistry, especially once Logan’s dick has RJ’s lips wrapped around it. RJ swallows the entire shaft as Logan works his chest. When Logan reaches down for RJ’s cock it is rock hard and ready for some attention. When the sky finally falls to black these two studs move inside for a second round of cocksucking before moving on to ass. Logan’s ass is the star of this part of the scene, with RJ diving in deep tongue-first and spreading Logan’s hole with his fingers. Logan’s tattooed ass is framed up perfectly as RJ spits and licks and loves his hole. But when it’s time to fuck RJ offers up his own ass. Logan has developed into quite a power top and this scene demonstrates his skills. He puts RJ into many positions, shoving his fat dick into RJ’s hole from multiple angles. RJ’s furry body vibrates with electric energy as his ass is filled and fucked by Logan’s tool. RJ covers his hairy chest in cum with Logan inside of him and Logan adds to the pool of cum when he shoots.

GRUNTS: The New Recruits: Jake Deckard and Roman Ragazzi
Morning breaks with the sergeants screaming into camp on their jeep. They demand to inspect the troops. They are pissed off (as all drill sergeants should be) and they destroy the dormitory after tearing into the soldiers. When they drive off, Jake Deckard and Roman Ragazzi are smiling. After yelling their guts out, the two sergeants have some business to attend to. In the grand finale of GRUNTS: The New Recruits, Roman goes down on Jake on the jeep in the morning sun. This is one of the great sex scenes of all time, showcasing two of the industry’s top performers in an award-caliber pairing. While Roman is sucking dick, Jake bends him over to see his asshole. Roman cums with Jake’s dick in his mouth and Jake shoots a load all over Roman’s chest. But these two are not done yet! Roman bends over and takes Jake’s dick up his hairy hole. The jeep provides many great places to fuck and Roman and Jake find each and every one of them. With Jake’s dick still penetrating his asshole, Roman pushes out a huge load followed by Jake’s cum again covering Roman’s hairy chest.

TALE OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS, PART 1: Aybars and Conner Habib
Aybars and the Family Jewels – By the light of a shimmering fountain, we next find new discovery and cover man Aybars in a long embrace with Conner Habib. Aybars is from southern Turkey (he barely speaks English) and Connor is Syrian. Unlike some of the other scenes of the film, this one pits two actual Middle Eastern men against each other in what becomes the most passionate love making of the entire movie.
   Aybars is one of the most beautiful men we have ever filmed. Not only does he have a perfect natural body, but his face could easily grace the covers of fashion magazines around the world (just look at those lips!!!). This is his first scene in his first porn movie, and he is a natural! The discovery of Aybars is an important moment in porn history–he is that good.
   Conner Habib always delivers a good, connected performance, and this is no exception. Unlike the furious fucking of the other scenes in Tales of the Arabian Nights, this scene unfolds slowly, with passionate kissing and sucking as these men caress and give each other pleasure. When the time comes for Aybars to shove his huge throbbing cock into Conner’s hole, there is only a moment of pain before the pleasure begins! Another finely filmed fuck unfolds. To quote that old line that has sold so many movies in the past….. “this scene alone is worth the price of the movie!”

HIGH TOPS: Tristan Jaxx and Manuel DeBoxer
Tristan Jaxx gets home and undresses on his way to meeting Manuel DeBoxer on the couch. Tristan bends in for a kiss before working his way to Manuel’s big uncut dick. Tristan works the dick with his big lips, focusing a bit on the foreskin. Manuel pushes Tristan back and pulls his pants down to reveal Tristan’s thick, long cock. Tristan sits and lets Manuel go for it, working the big dick and then heading towards his balls. Manuel works the balls and heads south to Tristan’s tight hairy hole. Tristan gets a great rim job before bending Manuel over for the same treatment. Manuel’s big hairy butt hides a beautiful hole which gets licked and prodded with Tristan’s tongue. Tristan suits up and begins to fuck Manuel, who is bent over doggy style on the couch. Manuel takes it like a champ and both men are moaning and groaning as they fuck. Tristan sits back and lets Manuel do the work, riding the big dick up and down into his hole. When it’s time to cum, Manuel gets back on his knees to suck and swallow Tristan’s load before blowing his own load onto the floor.

REAR DELIVERIES: Logan McCree and Mike Dreyden
Loading in a new shipment of DVDs from a large pallet, sexy, hairy Mike Dreyden can’t help but notice a large graphic of Logan McCree that looms larger than life on the wall. Mike unloads the boxes but the eyes of the hot poster stud seem to just stare back at him. He sits for a moment to admire his tattooed fantasy man and strokes his swelling cock in his pants. Mike gets up to touch the poster and his hand touches live flesh. His hand trails down the heavely tattoed body until it reaches a hard cock. Mike takes the swelling cock into his mouth as his fantasy comes to life. Mike works the hard tattooed cock till it’s wet and slippery with his spit. The poster model-come-to-life Logan picks Mike up by his tank top and throws him on to the stack of boxes so he can chow down on Mike’s hard cock. Logan sucks it furiously then flips Mike over in one fell swoop so he can eat his hole. He sucks Mike’s hole and opens it up so he can slide his thick cock inside. Logan fucks Mike doggie style as he holds on for dear life. Mike then climbs on top and rides Logan’s cock with gusto, impaling himself on the thick shaft. Logan flips him over once again and pounds Mike’s hole until he cums all over his own chest, then Logan cums all over Mike as well. Mike, completely covered with cum, passes out, fulfilled in his fantasy.


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