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Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Tyler Rush Justin Star

Studio: Bait Buddies
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bait: Tyler Rush
Straight: Justin Star

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Tyler Rush Justin Star


“Well worth the wait.”

As Caruso puts it, this is a special edition of BaitBuddies.com. It features two hot, sexy dudes, Tyler, a site fan who likes straight guys and Justin a straight dude in his daily life, who wants to do gay porn. Tyler is 24, cute and tall and has a really hot, smooth, muscled body with a killer bubble butt and a 7″ dick. This sweet innocent looking dude tells us that he’s also into bondage and stuff like edging. He’s a fan of the site and had submitted a model application. In his profile he lets Caruso know that he wants to have sex with a straight dude, but he doesn’t like the idea of tricking anyone. So, Caruso finds a possible match in Justin, a 34 year old guy he had interviewed not too long ago, but had decided to hold off on for reasons that will become obvious. Justin had told Caruso that in his every day life he’s straight, but since he was around 20 years old he’s been more and more curious about gay sex. He started to watch and get turned on by gay sex, but never had a sexual experience with another dude – he hadn’t even ever jacked off with a buddy when he was younger. He started applying to several producers of gay porn, but knowing his circumstances, none wanted to incur the travel expenses, etc, and gamble on his being able to perform in a gay video. Caruso likes to try different things and thought putting Tyler and Justin together might just make a great movie. Justin is a little shorter than Tyler, but his body is rockin’, great sexy muscular pecs and nips, nice bubble butt and a whopping 8.5 inch cock. He tells Caruso that he’s both a voyeur and exhibitionist, a great characteristic to have if you want to do porn. So, here we are on the day of the shoot and the boys are introduced – Caruso asks if they find each other attractive, which they both answer to in the affirmative. Since Tyler is very experienced having gay sex, Caruso gives him the go ahead to take the lead and tells them to just enjoy. Tyler starts right off caressing Justin and it quickly turns into a make out session. You can just see Justin melt into the arms of his first man and surrender all those years of desire to him. Justin gets his big cock sucked and then returns the favor. He later tells Caruso that it was such a turn on to have a hard cock in his mouth, that if he stroked his cock a bit more he would’ve cum right there and then. Tyler now takes his first cock up his tight, virgin hole, doggy style and moans in ecstasy through the entire experience, telling Caruso later that it was totally hot. He tells Tyler that he wants to get fucked on his back, but when Tyler puts his cock back in, he is just too sore, so they flip and Justin starts fucking a dude for the very first time. He fucks him good, because before long, cutie boy Tyler tells Justin he’s cumming – Justin speeds up his thrusting and his almost 9″ cock must’ve hit the right spot, because Tyler lets loose with huge load, of thick, perfectly white cum. Justin can’t hold back and kneeling between his new lover’s legs, he pounds out a pretty good load which mingles with Tyler’s on his flat, sexy belly. The guys catch their breath and are off to the showers for a clean up where Caruso let’s the camera linger, so that you guys can really get to see just how hot and sexy these two are. In their ‘After the Shoot’ video, Caruso goes into details about Justin’s straight side and confirms that this is his first gay fuck. He finally asks Justin if it was “well worth the wait”, and Justin answers with a big grin and “YES!”

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Tyler Rush Justin Star


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