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Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Cody Ray Zach Farmer

Studio: Bait Buddies
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2015
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bait: Cody Ray
Straight: Zach Farmer

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Cody Ray Zach Farmer


“Hard Market”

“It’s a hard market out there” our new bait guy Cody tells Caruso, referring to finding straight guys for gay sex – something he loves to do – especially if they’re hard bodied with big cocks. Well you’d think it might be a hard market for straight men, but if you read last week’s newsletter you would know that “It’s said that in America, there are reportedly more than three million men who identify as straight – but secretly have sex with other men”. Well, if there’s three million men who identify as straight and already have sex with other men – how many must be out there who haven’t tried it yet and how many guys are there like most of those on, who aren’t even thinking about it trying it with a dude, but kind of like it after they do it! Plus we found out that 24% of ‘male seeking male’ classifieds in “Back Page” are straight and bi men looking for gay sex or just interested in being serviced. So, the market isn’t as hard as Cody might think. And speaking of hard, say hello to our newest straight boy Zach. Zach is a hard body, hard 9″ hung, country redneck from the boondocks of Ohio who likes to ride motorcycles. He’s 25 years old, 6’3″ tall and says he got his hard body from loading trucks with heavy cargo. Zach has the typical country boy appearance wearing his cap, t-shirt and tight jeans easily worn redneck style over his hot body. He’s aware of his assets “I got a pretty good size dick and an alright body” and when he talks he has that straight, redneck demeanor – he speaks in a low, soft voice with not much expression as his lips barely move to form the words. Caruso finds out later that this straight boy earns extra money by doing the hillbilly strip circuit. He strips for country women in small, smoky bars in rural areas. He makes most of his money in “tips” in a scummy back room furnished with an old mattress where he lets many women inspect the merchandise up close each night… and I’ll leave it at that. Caruso asks him if any dudes ever slipped in to the club and paid him a few dollars to ‘check him out’ but Zach is adamant that it never happened to him. So, back to the studio action. The boys are showing off their 9″ and 7″ boners as Caruso delivers the news that the ‘girl’ had an accident and she was bruised and cannot work. He offers them an option being that there are no other girls available at that moment, the guys can have sex with each other and they’ll get paid double the money. Zach says no – and without missing a beat, that horny new bottom boy made sure he piped right in about how he needed money (but what Cody really wanted a straight country dude’s 9″ cock up his well used hole) and that he’s willing to do it. Caruso works on Zach and with some reasoning, in pretty short order he’s ready to give it a try. But, except for the fucking, it’s pretty much a one sided deal. So, here’s how it goes, Cody strokes Zach, he sucks his big cock and tries to kiss him, but Zach isn’t opening his mouth for any tongue. And, when Caruso asks him to return the favor and suck Cody’s cock, Zach says “I never done that, I don’t think I can”. Caruso asks him “what would you like to do” and Zach answers “eat pussy” – of course, what else would a straight stud say? So, the only option left is fucking – Zach examines Cody’s petite bubble butt and gives it a go ahead. And we learn once again that country boys really can throw one hot fuck – seeing that they don’t have much else to do for entertainment, they get lots of practice – especially when they look like Zach. Well, Zach gives Cody the railing of a lifetime. He tears that bottom boy’s butthole up good and Cody is just loving it. Cody literally can’t control his moaning, groaning and praising the Lord – and these aren’t just porn noises – this is the real thing – watch it all end in two explosive orgasms!

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Cody Ray Zach Farmer


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