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Falcon Falcon

Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks Studios
Directed by: Bruno Bond
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bobby Clark
Ray Diaz
Levi Madison
Luke Milan
Paddy O’Brian
Jake Steel
Lucas Vitello

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These well-endowed collegiates are the definition of JOCKS and their massive endowments are raring to go from start to finish in Big Country. Director Bruno Bond helms his best solo effort to date by being a fly on the wall of a country house taken over by these youthful studs, where the air crackles with sex from dawn to dusk. There’s not enough of Levi Madison to go around, which may be why he’s featured in two scenes — a sizzling opener and a passionate finale. Paddy O’Brian is his first partner, and Paddy is happy to let his cock get a first class ride at both of Levi’s ends. Next, Bobby Clark looks so much hotter with a hairy chest, and he finds a fuckable friend, Exclusive Ray Diaz, in the bathroom, where Ray’s mouth and ass get equal attention from Bobby’s huge tool. Then, it’s a flip-fuck featuring Jake Steel and Lucas Vitello, the only pair who get the pleasure of topping and bottoming for each other. Levi Madison returns to be devoured by Luke Milan for a wild romp in a hammock that spins and tumbles them until every hard part has made contact with every other part. With big tools, big holes and big loads, Big Country will have your cock at attention from start to finish, inviting you to visit again and again.

SCENE 1: Paddy O’Brian fucks Levi Madison
The agile and stunning Levi Madison is a man of many talents. His lean, toned body is built to assume any number of positions all made to sexually please. The handsome and striking Paddy O’Brian is the man and the legendary cock on the receiving end of Levi’s talents. You can tell by the repetitive involuntary clenching of his buttocks and flexing of his thighs that the oral magic being worked on his cock and balls by Levi is sensational. Levi’s oral skills are world-class and he positions himself perfectly to take every long and wide inch of Paddy’s tool. Every now and then you will see his tongue snake out and add a lap or stroke. It’s so intense, Paddy must have been challenged to turn Levi end-for-end, to see if his hole offered the same thrills. It does, and three positions of deep penetration serve to bring droplets of sweat coursing down Paddy’s brow and hairy chest as a precursor to the hot, wet loads they both release.

SCENE 2: Bobby Clark fucks Ray Diaz
What do you do when you come home and there’s a cute guy in your tub? If you’re thedashing Bobby Clark, and the guy is dark-skinned, Latin hotty Ray Diaz, you fuck him.Bobby leads with a deep, wet kiss. Ray parries, reaching out with his tongue to close thedistance on Bobby’s cock at such a tantalizing pace that you might find a wet spot in yourpants. Ray’s skin and halo of hair around each nipple contrast with Bobby’s broad, hairychest and remnant of a tan line. Ray endears himself by taking time to wet and suckBobby’s huge balls, looking up at Bobby for approval. There’s a lot of intimacy here, too, aswhen Bobby spits on his cock and accidentally hits Ray in the eye. Bobby stops to tenderlywipe Ray’s eye, then the blow job resumes. Bobby tells Ray to stand and quickly has himpanting from full-depth gulps of his cock. The treasure trail down Ray’s abs is matched bythe one that leads from the small of his back to his hairy crack, a confection that Bobby lapsand probes to get it ready to take his cock. With the tub as a fucking platform, they taketurns taking charge, a perfect give and take of gratifuckation that leaves Ray so drenched incum, he needs a bath.

SCENE 3: Lucas Vitello and Jake Steel flip-fuck
Lucas Vitello’s has lips that should be molded into a jackoff sleeve. He and Jake Steel are fully dressed, making out as they peel away the layers of clothing that add layers of anticipation to their tryst. Lucas’ baggy shorts give no clue to the meat they conceal — long, fat, curved and uncut. Jake savors it with his eyes, then his hands, then his mouth before revealing his own massive erection. Lucas drops to a squat, humping Jake’s leg while those lips clamp around his cock. It’s a wonder that Jake’s cock can be buried to the hilt in Lucas’ throat, yet Lucas can still snake his tongue out to wrap around Jake’s balls. In the meantime, Jake silently asserts his intent by slipping a finger up Lucas’ ass. Finger is followed by cock. Lucas wiggles his butt, causing his balls to swing like a pendulum; his legs are spread in a 180 degree angle. Then in a flash, the roles are reversed and Jake is taking it up the ass from behind, urging Lucas to give it to him harder, deeper and faster until their simmering juices erupt over them.

SCENE 4: Luke Milan fucks Levi Madison
Huge cocked Luke Milan is kicking back in his rope hammock, into which he’s just enticed the sexy Levi Madison to join him. Levi gets captured in the web-like hammock and he quickly succumbs to Luke’s advances. Luke grabs Levi by the nipples, grabs him by the cock. Hands reach out to grab the other’s hardon, two towering, fat shafts of meat and foreskin. One of them swivels and they are both sucking cock, fingers and toes ensnared in the mesh of the hammock only intensifying the action. Levi rolls and Luke’s tongue finds his ass. Luke kneads the quivering globes of flesh, basting their hot center with spit to lubricate them for sundering. The rhythm of the hammock amplifies their movements, increasing the force and depth of penetration. In a surprise conclusion, they separate and hold each other tightly, massaging their balls and enormous cocks into convulsive discharge of jism.


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