Falcon Studios BOUNCE (FVP-136) Falcon Studios BOUNCE (FVP-136)
Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Rutherford, Chi Chi LaRue
Year of Release / Production: 2001
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Derek Cameron
Justin Dragon
Hans Ebson
Hans Hintern
Eric Leneau
Matt Majors
Michel Mattel
Buck Meadows
Daniel Montes
Jackson Price
Matthew Rush

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This sizzling hot feature exposes The Falcon Family of Companies’ cream of the crop! See our super-hung and nasty performers at their best in this “must see” production! Order your very own Buck Meadows Signature Supercock for use while watching Buck take Jackson Price by force of cock!

Falcon Studios BOUNCE (FVP-136)
Collegiate studs Matt Majors and Eric Leneau face off. They play with their stiff uncut cocks, run their hands over their muscled forms, and each takes his turn sucking the other’s cock. Michel Mattel enters, sucking both men in turn. Matt drops to his knees and joins Michel in worshipping Eric’s cock. Justin Dragon arrives, stroking himself and joining the action. Michel orally services the three men as they run their hands over each other. As the action continues, the men pair up and divide in multiple couplings–sucking, stroking, rimming and kissing. Michel and Eric recline. Matt fucks Eric while Justin buries his tool within Michel, thrusting vigorously. The pace picks up, the heat rises, and soon all four men erupt in hot waves of orgasm.

Falcon Studios BOUNCE (FVP-136)
Daniel Montes reclines on a couch in briefs. Derek Cameron skillfully works his tongue down over Daniel’s muscled chest and onto his huge stiff cock, where he lingers, worshipping it from tip to base. Daniel returns the favor and the men run their hands over each other, their skin tingling in anticipation of the sublime pleasure to come as they work themselves into a frenzy.

Falcon Studios BOUNCE (FVP-136)
Matthew Rush, Hans Ebson, and Hans Hintern huddle in their underwear, stroking each other through briefs. Hans Hintern drops to his knees, freeing his partners’ cocks from their confines, running his tongue and hands over their impressive pieces while Matthew and Hans Ebson exchange tender kisses and caresses. The men run their hands over each other—enjoying the firm muscled flesh. Join them as their steamy three-way session evolves into a downpour of satisfaction.

Falcon Studios BOUNCE (FVP-136)
Jackson Price kneels before Buck Meadows in a dungeon. He frees Buck’s huge uncut cock from its confines and takes it deep into his throat, demonstrating his expert oral skills as Buck urges him on. Soon Buck wants more, lifting Jackson to his feet and tethering him into a sling. He sucks Jackson’s stiff tool, then lowers his tongue to massage and open Jackson’s puckered hole Buck prepares the young stud for a succession of tools in this amazing example of ass-packing and cock-play.


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