Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123) Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123)

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Rutherford
Year of Release / Production: 1999
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kyle Becker
David Bradley
Louis Chanceur
Nicholas Clay
Cameron Fox
Blake Harper
Tyler Hill
Buck Meadows
Kevin Miles
Tristan Paris
Johnny Rider
Christopher Scott
Karl Tenner
Gregor Yelson

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A little white lie can often get you into a lot of trouble, but for hot and versatile Kevin Miles, it works to his advantage!

Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123)
Buck Meadows and Johnny Rider play out their sex games. In the sauna, Buck gives Johnny an enema, filling his gut with water. Then come the dildos, and Johnny squats over them with Buck’s assistance. He skewers himself onto a succession of rubber cocks, each one bigger than the last, his eyes widen as each new dildo disappears up his crack. In the bedroom, Buck fucks Johnny’s ass, getting it primed for more action. And then when ready, he slides his gloved, greased fist up the young man’s hole, slowly twisting and easing it in deep, up to the wrist and beyond. Johnny’s hole stretches to accommodate Buck’s fist, and then Buck jerks himself to orgasm, showering Johnny with his load.

Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123)
Karl Tenner and Kevin Miles remember an adventure they shared Nicholas Clay. The three hunks were out on a hike and stopped to take a break. Nicholas suggested they all jerk off to see who could get hard first. No one has a problem getting hard and before long, they take each other on. Nicholas and Kevin suck Karl’s thick uncut cock, working their mouths and tongues up and around his crotch, up to his hard pecs and tasty nipples. Soon all three are sucking and fucking until they can’t hold back any longer and, one by one, each man explodes with geysers of cum.

Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123)
Drowning deep in each other’s lust, Kevin Miles and Gregor Yelson bob up and down each other’s cocks like well-greased pistons before Gregor plunges his tool in deep Kevin’s crack until they both climax and shoot their wads.

Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123)
Tristan Paris and Blake Harper are joined by a parade of hungry speedo-clad men – Christopher Scott, Kyle Becker, David Bradley, Tyler Hill and Cameron Fox. It’s a frenzied orgy of sucking, fucking, riming, 69ing and more. David rams his cock up Blake’s hole, making him moan with pleasure and settle down hard on that big stiff cock…he begs for more and gets it! Cocks, fingers and tongues probe every available hole as the seven men suck and fuck. Tristan winds up on the floor, his ass up-ended and plowed by David’s hard rod. After a solid fucking, David shoots his load over Tristan’s face and then one by one each of these hot men unload over pig-boy Tristan.

Falcon Studios IN DEEP - MILES TO GO (FVP-123)
Gregor Yelson and Kevin Miles are at home, playing by the pool with each other. Kevin takes Gregor’s uncut prick in his mouth, nursing on it, nibbling the foreskin and fleshy meat. the two begin to 69, their mouths bouncing up and down each other’s cocks like well-greased pistons. Gregor shows his gratitude in the best way he knows, offering his hungry mouth and ass for Kevin to fill. He then fucks his friend’s hole, grinding his tool high up Kevin’s crack until they both finally shoot their wads, ending in a deep embrace.


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