Braden Charron Reese Rideout Randy Blue Gay Porn Stars Handsome Men Classic American Gay Porn

Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Braden Charron
Reese Rideout

Randy Blue Gay Porn Stars Handsome Men

Braden has really been working on that body of his….I mean damn, will you take a look at it? Its obvious he dropped some weight and has been hitting the gym even harder. I think it goes with out saying that this boy has an amazing ass. It’s one of the biggest and hardest bubble butts I have ever seen. Braden surprised me not too long ago with a call out of the blue asking me if he could do some more work. He also mentioned that he felt very comfortable working with me and that it would not happen for anyone else. What a sweet talker! I was more then happy work him in quickly. But with any shoot the question remains of who to put him with. That choice was simple. Muscle loves muscle and Reese won out. I knew if anyone could hang out with Braden and help him to relax it would be Reese. Boy was I right! Reese really got Braden to chill and talk about his body building routine and totally feel comfortable. It wasn’t too long before the two of them were jumping in the pool and sunning themselves without a care in the world. Some of the footage we shot was of the guys just horsing around outside and it’s really good. When the guys got out of the pool it was time Braden was feeling a little sore from all the workouts he has been doing and Reese was more then happy to oblige with a great back rub. The rest you will just have to see. If you notice Braden has a huge raspberry on his leg from a sports related injury. I cant help it that these guys get all busted up sometimes and I know some of you are going to appreciate the fact that these are real guys and not models. Enjoy!

Randy Blue Gay Porn Stars Handsome Men


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  1. andres

    both of them are really hot,specially braden with that big butt and muscle, reese is too girl he act like a lady it sucks