studio / film series: Dylan Lucas

Pride Studios CAN'T LOOK AWAY Jed Athens Casey Everett

Studio: Pride Studios / Dylan Lucas
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2015
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jed Athens
Casey Everett

I knew Casey from college and called him up when I was moving into town and he let me crash with him while I looked for a place, which I was grateful for. What Iwasn’t grateful for was that he literally never wore anything besides his underwear. Not that itwasn’t a great view, I mean, he was gorgeous, nice legs, tight ass, amazing abs. Watchinghim strut around in practically nothing was certainly not unpleasing… and that was sort of theproblem. I was a guest so I was trying to be polite and respectful but I was constantly catchingmyself staring at him. I never got used to it, and I’m sure he noticed, because he’d catch myeyes, or smile at me wryly. I think he liked the attention, but it made things awkward… at leastfor me… he was obviously completely at ease. So we’d go about that way everyday; me tryingnot to stare and him being a total tease wearing essentially nothing, until one day a few daysbefore I was moving into my new place, I called him out on it. ‘Don’t pretend for a second thatyou don’t like it. I’ve seen how you check me out all the time.’
   I tried to deny, but it wasn’t much use, since I couldn’t stop myself from checking him out even inthe middle of the conversation. So he took it to the next level and started teasing me, pulling thewaistband down a little, turning around to shake his butt. I just laughed at that point, but the truthwas I was incredibly turned on. I think he could tell because he was clearly encouraged. Hepulled them off all the way and bent himself over the couch. ‘C’mon, now’s your chancebuddy,’ he said wagging his tail.
   I was shocked. This was a new level. He was handing it to me right there in the middle of theroom and I didn’t know what to do. But after a few moments I listened to my rock hard dick andplunged my face into his ass.
   It ended up being just a one time thing. He teases me about it sometimes still, but I’ll take it. Itwas completely worth it.


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