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Studio: AMG Brasil
Directed by: Dennis Bell
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brasil / U.S.A.

Kauã Campos
Bryan Coelho
Yago Mendoça [Darrien Leon]
Diego Marques
Kevin Moraes
Ricardo Onça

Date of Production: February 2007
Run Time: 100 min.

Six of AMG Brasil’s hottest young Carioca men strut off the beach and out of the jungle, inviting you to all the private pleasure they usually reserve for themselves. Filmed amongst the palms and pools in Rio de Janeiro, these Carioca men in first solo collection to ever come from Brasil will flirt, flex, and strut their uncut assets for you, up close and personal.

Sex is natural, sex is good, not everyone does it, but they do jack off.
   Carioca: Sarado is the first in a line of solo films that pays tribute to everyone’s favorite thing to do alone. It features a mixed cast of the best of AMG Brasil regulars; Yago Menoça and Ricardo Onça, and a few irresistible newcomers; Bryan Coelho, Kauå Campos, Diego Marques, and Kevin Moraes.
   Because solo films leave it all – well mostly all – up to the imagination, Sarado features a sorted cast of dream boys, from twinks to muscle hunks, from surfers to clean cut business-types, whatever your desire, these boys are ready and willing to give you everything you’ve ever desired.

Yago Mendoça: Yago has the body of God, his compact frame is almost pure muscle. He has medium brown skin, washboard abs, a sumptuously round ass and rock solid pecs. Yago may be relatively short, but his cock is anything but. Well over average, his always-hard member curves slightly to the left. Yago loves getting his dick sucked, but he also loves to get fucked. Watch as he takes an entire string of over-sized butt beads, just for you.

Kevin Moraes: If your type is the blonde-haired, blue-eyed South American, Kevin Moraes is your man. Kevin’s gorgeous blue eyes, and ear-to-ear-smile make him an instant heart throb. Not to mention, a well-toned body with tan lines that begged to be traced with a sloppy wet tongue. Kevin is versatile and loves to have his ass eaten. Nothing makes him smile more than having a man’s face buried deep in his warm crack.

Ricardo Onça: Ricardo’s golden-brown skin, hard muscles, massive cock and uncontrollable libido have made him a AMG Brasil crush object, the world over. He’s fucked a handful of different guys for AMG, but this time he’s here all alone and just for you. Ricardo is a top with a yearning for ass that is unparalleled. Watch as he flirts with you on camera, and works his dick, with nothing but a bit of spit for lubrication, and blows his massive wad all over his solid abs.

Diego Marques: Diego is the tall, dark and handsome man that everyone dreams of. At 29 years old, Diego knows exactly what he wants and exactly what will get you off. He maybe older than his costars, but his energy and body are right on par. Diego’s dick leaves nothing to be desired and he knows just what you want him to do with it.

Bryan Coelho: Bryan’s dark caramel skin tone is set off by his beautiful, blue eyes. This baby face is new to AMG Brasil, but he took to his first film like a fish to water. From the time he stepped on set, he was rock hard and ready to go. If his willingness, and gorgeous face aren’t enough to win you over, wait until you see his skills. Oh yeah, he’s got braces too. Bryan is innocence personified.

Kaua Campos: This guy is AMG’s original bad boy. He’s got a mischievous grin and a baseball bat in his sunga to back it up. Seriously, Kaua is a size queen’s dream. His long hard dick reaches past his belly button when pressed against his stomach. What’s more, he loves to get fucked. In his turn in Carioca: Sarado, Kaua shows his love for dick, by riding a yellow dildo comparable to his own in size. Imagine fucking this slender trouble-maker and reaching around to find a dick the size of a Coke bottle.


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