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Studio: AMG Brasil
Directed by: Dennis Bell
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brasil / U.S.A.

Renzo Castelli
Peterson Correa
Rick Ferraz
Oliver Lima
Marcelo Mastro
Nick Novaes
Vitor Santos

Date of Production: December 2008
Run Time: 75 min.

Cover boy Marcelo Mastro’s golden brown skin glistens in the sun. He stands under the stream of an outdoor shower, stroking his massive member. It seems as if he is alone, but soon a hot and horny Renzo Castelli comes from off camera to give Marcelo a hand. He begins with mere touching, rubbing the stud’s smooth, wet skin, but soon tactile arousal is not enough. Renzo wants a taste of Marcelo.
   He drops to his knees, submerging his head in water, and slides his mouth around Marcelo’s now-throbbing man meat. As he bobs up and down on the boy’s cock, a third party approaches. Rick Ferraz, a chiseled young surfer type with a billy club between his legs, steps into the shower and stands next to Marcelo. In no time Renzo is blowing back and forth between the two. He brings them to the edge of orgasm and sits back to accept their seed. Rick cums all over Renzo’s chest followed by Marcelo.

In the distance Peterson Corrêa and Oliver Lima sit poolside dangling their legs in the water. They catch a glimpse of the threesome and are inspired to action. Peterson reaches around his companion and rests his arm on his shoulder, pulling him close. They kiss passionately and stroke their dicks. Oliver slides his mouth down Peterson’s solid frame to his substantial cock. He slowly works his mouth around it until Peterson cries out in ecstasy. Peterson then jumps in the pool behind Oliver and lifts his legs over his shoulders. He buries his head in Oliver’s cheeks and rims him aggressively.

Nearby, on an iron park bench, sit two slender young men, Nick Novaes and Victor Santos, legs intertwined. They watch on as the couple in the pool try to cool off. They too are impelled by the sight of other men at play. Nick is the first to give. He drops his head into Victor’s lap and runs his watering mouth around the solid slab of man. His mouth slides up and down the boy’s shaft until Victor can take it no longer. He breaks away and returns the favor.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Peterson are still caught up in the heat of the moment. They tug and tongue each other with reckless abandon as the other boys approach from off camera. Now a group of seven, the boys skip the greetings and get right down to business. They waste little time and soon each of the tops pumps away at his respective bottom. Peterson plows Victor, Marcelo mounts Oliver, and Renzo bends over for Rick, as does Nick. Over the course of the orgy, boys are traded out like baseball cards, being filled and discarded by the men fucking them. Soon each of the boys has reached the point of explosion. Victor assumes the position on the tile and the remaining six stand above him. Each blows his load right on Victor’s face, some more than once.
   Now that that’s out of their systems, they can concentrate on getting cool.



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