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Raging Stallion CASA DEL SOL Andres de la Serna Andres Anthony Squillari Erik Hassan Leandro Fernandez

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Ben Leon
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Argentina

Pedro Andreas
Leandro Fernandez
Petter Fill
Tomas Griffin
Paul Gusto
Erik Hassan
Anthony Squillari

Out in the countryside, behind a big house, there is an expansive garden full of hot men playing in the water and among the plants. With top notch talent from Argentina and Brazil Casa del Sol looks into this garden and follows the men as they fuck and suck in the sun. With explosive cumshots and sweat dripping from every pore this film brings you into the world of South American action.
   Petter Fill is cooling off in the shower house when Pedro Andreas walks in to join him. Peter is built like a football player big and muscular with light hair covering his pecs and abs. Pedro is big and burly with a tight stomach and a nice fat uncut cock hanging between his legs. After a few glances these men are all over each other. Pedro goes down on Peter first filling his mouth with dick as he works the head and the entire fat shaft of Peter’s uncut cock. Pedro sucks it down his throat as Peter groans with pleasure.
   When Pedro sits with his massive erection bouncing off his abs Peter quickly finds his position and goes in for some deep throat dick action. Peter’s ass is next up for some attention and Pedro follows through with his tongue diving deep into the pulsing hole. After a tongue bath Peter’s hole is ready for a big dick and Pedro supplies it, pushing deep into him and working his butt with a beautiful rhythm. Peter enjoys every thrust as his asshole is stretched repeatedly. But Peter wants a turn too and he puts Pedro on his side to have easy access to his waiting hole. Pedro takes it like a pro as Peter presses into the dark crevice before beginning a nice pounding. Pedro is pushed over the edge with one last stroke and releases a mound of cum before Peter pulls out and shoots.
   Out in the garden behind the pool Andres de la Serna is sitting and watching Tomas Griffin lay by the pool. Even from a distance Andres can spot Tomas’s fat cock in his black speedo. In seconds Tomas approaches and offers up the fat piece of meat for Andres to inspect. When the two men come together the passion starts with a kiss and soon both men are sporting huge erections. Tomas goes down working Julian out of his clothes revealing a tight body with muscles bulging everywhere. But Tomas is more interested in the huge uncut dick Andres has between his legs and he swallows it eagerly, stroking the shaft and playing with the foreskin as he goes down to the base. As the men get into it they swap blowjobs before Tomas is offering up his ass for some attention.
   Andres starts with his tongue and then moves quickly to fucking him, pressing his huge member up against Tomas’s asshole before it slips inside. Tomas takes the fucking like a groaning and moaning bottom as Andres fills him up. The fucking is only interrupted when the men take a moment to kiss and then switch around to another position allowing more access to Tomas’s hole. As Tomas gets pounded he can’t hold back and sprays cum all over. Andres is next and he pulls out and covers Tomas’s ass with spooge.
   Antony Squellary is under the porch when Pedro Andreas walks up from the garden. It doesn’t take long for both these studs to undress and the action begins. Pedro stands over Antony impressively as he opens wide and fills his mouth and throat with Pedro’s big fat cock. Antony makes his way all the way to the base of Pedro’s dick, slurping and sucking it up, struggling to fit the whole cock in his throat. Pedro takes control long enough to get Antony up ready to receive some head. Antony’s dick is big and long with a nice round head covered in skin.
   Pedro works his tongue into Antony’s foreskin before sucking the entire cock into his mouth. Both men are erect and ready for more action as Antony’s ass is prepped for ass fucking. Pedro pushes in first with his tongue and then with his massive dick, splitting Antony butt open as he fucks. Antony becomes very passive once he is filled with dick and Pedro takes control fucking him in a pushup position as the camera catches every inch dividing Antony’s butthole. Pedro pushes deep into Antony over and over before pulling out to shoot a load all over Antony’s ass and back. Antony turns over and works his own load out as Pedro kisses him passionately.
   Petter Fill is out by the pool getting some sun as he watches Paul Gusto and Erik Hassan making out at the other end. As these two men begin to undress Petter joins them in their sex play. All three men get naked and Erik is the obvious bottom. He is on his knees in seconds between both other men working furiously to give both Paul and Petter pleasure. Erik works one dick and then the other, switching back and forth as Paul and Peter force his head down and kiss each other. Erik does his best working both dicks and attempts to get them both in his mouth at once.
   What a sight to have two huge fat uncut dicks to work on, and Erik manages as both men slap his face with dick. With Peter on one side and Paul on the other Erik offers up his asshole. Paul dives in fingering and licking Erik’s hole before giving Peter a chance to eat it. Once Erik’s ass is nice and wet and loose both men suit up for a long round of fucking. Each man takes a turn before letting the other man have a chance. Erik’s ass is prodded and pounded as he sucks dick on the other end. Paul and Peter don’t let up, switching back and forth, taking turns deep in Erik’s ass before they put him on his back for another round. When Erik can’t take anymore dick he squats on the ground between Paul and Peter and they each work up huge loads covering Erik with drips of semen.
   At night in the garden beside the house Leandro Fernandez sits and listens to the crickets when Andres walks in. There is no wasted time as Leandro and Andres in kiss in the moonlight. Andres whips out his huge cock and Leandro is quick on his knees, sucking the massive rod between his lips and into his throat. As the camera pans over Leandro’s muscular chest and big arms Leandro is in his own world with a fat dick in his throat.
   He works the head and then the entire shaft, riding it with his throat. Leandro offers up his big round furry ass and Andres dives in, pushing the cheeks apart to reveal a beautiful pink hole that needs attention. After some good tongue action Andres puts a condom on and begins to fuck Leandro slowly. Andres takes his time letting Leandro’s ass warm up to its huge invader, pumping at a moderate pace deep into his hole. Leandro turns over and offers Andres another chance to fill him up. This time when the dick goes Andres pumps a little harder and faster giving Leandro the full pleasure of his dick. Leandro’s hole stretches and tightens as Andres pushes in deep and then pulls out over and over until Andres can not hold back anymore. Andres lets a huge load blow onto Leandro’s ass. Leandro lays back and works his own cum out and onto his muscular chest.


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