Stag Homme Damien Crosse Francesco D Stag Homme Damien Crosse Francesco D

Studio: Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios
Directed by: Francesco D’Macho & Damien Crosse
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Pedro Andreas
Damien Crosse
Francesco D’Macho
Petter Fill
Jean Franko
Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez
Tomy Hawk
Lucio Saints [Lucio Saint]
Max Schutler
Biktor Vossou

DVD Compilation of On-Line Presentations first shown at STAG HOMME

Stag Reel is the latest DVD from Stag Homme Studios, the hot new company owned by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho! This is a MUST OWN for all fans of Damien and Franceso–and for fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. We are so sure that you will love this movie that we are offering a money back guarantee on every purchase! If you do not like Stag Reel for any reason, contact us and we will give you a full refund!
   This is a limited edition DVD single-run pressing. When supplies run out this title will no longer be available in the DVD format.

is a hot and sweaty muscle pool party for two Brazilian boys, Pedro Andreas and newcomer Petter Fill. Petter´s jerking his dick on a rooftop hot tub in Madrid overlooking the urban jungle, when Pedro happens to make his way into the jacuzzi with his raging hard on. They watch each other stroke their cocks from opposite ends of the pool before they begin to trade blowjobs under the brilliant blue Spanish sky. Pedro then sits down in the jacuzzi so Petter can voraciously ride that fat cock while his meaty glutes splash water everywhere. Andreas then drags Petter out of the pool and puts him down on all fours so he can pound away more freely before they simultaneously cum, Pedro´s load landing all over Petter´s face.

Jean Franko and Damien Crosse happen to cross paths on the sweaty streets of Barcelona when the Venezuelan sex-god decides to invite him over for some action. But this is NOT your usual sex romp! Franko voraciously fucks Crosse in four sweltering positions, even lifting him off the ground and plows him while holding up his brutalized bottom in his massive arms. Our deified top pounds a hands-free cumshot out of Damien during the second position. But Damien, still hungry, grabs Jean Franko’s cock and sticks it back in his ass until he fucks another load out of him this time into his own mouth. Vatsyayana, eat your heart out!

is all about Argentinean power-bottom Max Schutler getting treated to 2 of Stag Homme´s most gargantuan cocks. The hyper- endowed tops are the Venezuelan Lucio Saints and the never-before-seen Greek stud, Biktor Vossou; a 22 years old half Greek and half Spaniard with a tall swimmer’s build and a foot-long cock. Max struggles to let him self get double face-fucked by these two hot studs before they fuck him hard, fast and deep and blow their loads in his ass. But you’ll not only get to see their loads in their condom-wrapped cocks, ’cause they’ve got two more impressive cumshots (one that’s bound to be one of the year’s best) to give you after they double-fuck the cum out of Max.

is about Francesco D’Macho having his kitchen pipes fixed by a beautiful furry-faced plumber, Stag Homme exclusive Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez. The hunky plumber asks Francesco for a little help, Francesco walks in to the kitchen shirtless and asks what needs to be done, and the plumber, after a perfunctory request about the sink’s pipes, boldly tells Francesco he’s got another pipe that needs some help, and out comes his thick cock, which Francesco is only too happy to tinker with. Bruno ends up drilling away at D´Macho and is so into the action that ends up busting a nut while he’s still inside in his ass! You watch that radiant cum face and then you see him pull his condom wrapped cock out of Francesco’s ass, the nipple tip of it white with semen, followed by Francesco sucking and nibbling the plumber’s cummy condom wrapped cock before sticking it back in his ass for a second round. This pornographic masterpiece ends in a really messy cum facial all over D´Macho´s face before he takes Bruno’s cock in his mouth to savors the leftovers.

introduces 2 of Stag Homme´s hottest exclusives, Cuban muscle-god Tomy Hawk and the bright-eyed Catalonian Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez in a threesome with Damien Crosse. The scene begins aggressively with the two newcomers, donned in white dress shirts and black ties, passionately kissing while force-feeding Damien their massive cocks. The boys slap Damien around, spit at him and choke him with their ties while they mercilessly face-fuck him and even force him to suck both of their dicks simultaneously. This oral sequence ends with both Tomy and Bruno shooting their loads inside Damien’s mouth while he blows them. The sight of both of their thick and plentiful loads pouring out of Damien’s mouth is one of the highlights of ¨The Red Stag¨. The fucking sequence is just as brutal and degrading as Bruno and Tomy gangbang Crosse. Though both of the boys are powerful tops, the beefy bruiser Tomy Hawk steals the scene in some of the most impressive pounding you’ve ever seen. The gangbang sequence ends with Bruno cumming in Crosse´s ass followed by the hungry bottom rolling off the condom and turning it inside out so he can savor that load till the very last drop. The scene ends with three-way sucking, rimming and kissing under the shower before Damien and Tommy bust all over Bruno.

takes place in the white heat of the sun on a Madrid rooftop. Lucio Saints and Damien Crosse are kissing before Lucio gets down on his knees to thoroughly service Damien before he returns the favor. But Damien´s job is a little harder since he’s gotta shove in his throat every bit of Lucio´s monstrous cock. Crosse then turns Saints around and in a display of true animal lust and appetite ravenously eating his ass and sucking his cock at the same time. The following sequence is a versatile fuck galore which starts off with Lucio riding Damien, followed by Damien riding Lucio and finally Damien on all fours suffering from the gargantuan abusive piece. The scene ends with buckets of cum shooting out of Saints´cock covering all of Crosse´s face, chest and abs.


On-Line Only Presentation and Galleries of each session.

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