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Randy Blue Gay Porn Stars Handsome Men Chris Rockway

Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Chris Rockway
Colby Keller
Jeremy Walker

Randy Blue Gay Porn Stars Handsome Men

What could be hotter than a 3-way between Chris Rockway, Jeremy Walker and Colby Keller? Three of Randy Blue’s hot, horny hunks thrown into a room and given one instruction… Colby is the bottom. I had a hunch it would go over well because Colby has been hanging out around the studio a lot lately and dropping hints about wanting to do a scene with either Jeremy or Chris. Well, you know me well enough by now to know that if one of my models wants to work with someone, I usually do my best to make it happen. However, I don’t think Colby had any idea that I was going to throw both Chris and Jeremy at him in one scene. There are so many moments in this video that are just gold. Like Jeremy and Chris making out while Colby was alternating on their cocks. Jeremy hasn’t had a chance to work with Chris yet, and seeing them kissing just shows you how hot things are going to get. Then, both of them started working on Colby’s huge dick at once, both trying to outdo one another. And how about getting to watch Colby get rammed by Jeremy while sucking on Rockway’s cock? Or Chris making his famous move where he lay Colby upside down and fucks his ass downward. I swear, every model who’s seen him do it wants to try it. It’s like the best ride at an amusement park. And when the guys couldn’t contain themselves anymore, they shot their loads in one of the loudest climaxes I’ve heard. If you’re watching this at work, turn down the sound. If you’re watching from home, turn it up and have fun!

Randy Blue Gay Porn Stars Handsome Men


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