Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY Adam Killian Addison Graham Anthony Verruso Colton Grey Jake Andrews Justin Cruise Tyler Wolf Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY Adam Killian Addison Graham Anthony Verruso Colton Grey Jake Andrews Justin Cruise Tyler Wolf

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Adam Killian, Laura Macrow
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jake Andrews
Justin Cruise
Addison Graham
Colton Grey
Adam Killian
Anthony Verruso
Tyler Wolf

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There are lots of guys who are “Cruising for Colton Grey,” but it’s Lucas Entertainment who nabbed the hot little stud and captured on film all of the guys lucky enough to nab his huge cock and tight ass! Adam Killian is one of them, who both takes and gives it long and hard to Colton Grey. Addison Graham is another: he’s into guys with a punk look, so he has a lot of fun when Colton throws him around. Colton proves that two guys are better than one with Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso. And Justin Cruise returns to fuck around with both Colton and Tyler Wolf in two separate encounters! Are you among the many men “CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY”?

Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY
SCENE 1: Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck
We’ve already seen Colton Grey have sex, and it’s obvious how good he is at it. He’s a young punk with white skin and a beautiful cock between his legs, and while he bottoms he’s really good at pounding with all the energy of a top. Bring in Adam Killian, a porn legend, and he’ll give Colton his true test. Adam gives his fat hard cock to Colton, but even better, he takes a fucking from the young porn star too!

Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY
SCENE 2: Addison Graham and Colton Grey Fuck Each Other
It won’t take much for Colton Grey to admit what he loves about being in New York City: it’s all of the cruising, baby, and when you look like Colton you have guys lined up around the block to get in your pants! Addison Graham knows a stud when he sees one, and that’s why he’s taken with Colton when they see each other in Manhattan. Addison is a clean-cut preppy boy, and Colton is a little bit of a punk. They head back to Colton’s apartment where Addison strips his prize of his clothes, slips his big hard cock in his mouth for a sensual sucking, and gets ready to fuck like he’s never fucked before with one of the hottest porn stars around!

Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY
SCENE 3: Tyler Wolf Works Out His Cock in Justin Cruise’s Ass
Tyler Wolf has a few workout moves he wants to teach to Justin Cruise while he’s visiting in New York City. But Justin is just using it as an excuse to see Tyler take his clothes off. Tyler gets a hard-on while working out, and that’s when Justin makes his move. Justin Cruise pulls down Tyler Wolf’s workout shorts and lets his thick cock pop out of his pants; the blond twink wraps his lips around the savory piece of man-meat and sucks it as Tyler moans on a piece of workout equipment. They move over to the sofa where Tyler blows Justin for a while before slipping his fat cock into the twink’s ass and gives him a hard pounding better than any workout!

Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY
SCENE 4: Justin Cruise Takes Colton Grey’s Big Cock Up His Ass
Looking for some twink action? Well, you don’t have to look far today because we’re pairing up Justin Cruise with Colton Grey. And while Colton isn’t a twink necessarily, there’s no denying that he’s young and boyish in his appearance, though he gives off a punk vibe that tells us he’s good in the sack. Ask Justin Cruise, who likes to pretend he’s a top in charge, but the minute he sees a big dick he turns into a bottom bitch without hesitation. Colton has him suck his big fat cock before he gets Justin on the bed and slips his dick inside. It’s warm and wet up in Justin’s ass, so Colton takes his time when fucking him!

Michael Lucas Entertainment CRUISING FOR COLTON GREY
SCENE 5: Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso
Anthony Verruso asks Jake Andrews for some help at the gym: he’s unfamiliar with some of the equipment, and Jake (who is more experienced working out his gorgeous body) is more than happy to give the cutie some pointers. Afterwards Anthony meets his fuck buddy, Colton Grey, outside of the gym and tells him about the encounter he had with Jake. What’s Colton’s response’ Why not bring him home! The three meet up outside and Jake heads home with the young couple. When there Jake Andrews shows the guys some stretching techniques, but it’s just an excuse to take clothing off! Anthony and Colton pull Jake’s cock out of his underwear and suck his big fat cock. Everyone looses their clothes and they all suck each other off before everyone takes a turn fucking some ass!


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