studio / film series: Lucas Entertainment

Michael Lucas Entertainment LOVING HIM RAW Austin Chandler Nova Rubio Marcus Isaacs Drew Sumrok Joseph Rough David Lambert David Sweet Axel Fulling

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Adam Killian, Laura Macrow
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Austin Chandler
Axel Fulling
Marcus Isaacs
David Lambert
Joseph Rough
Nova Rubio
Drew Sumrok
David Sweet

If you really care about your partner in bed, then there’s no better physical expression than “LOVING HIM RAW“! Marcus Isaacs and Drew Sumrok are both aware of this, so they have bareback sex slowly and intimately with one another. Nova Rubio and Austin Chandler enjoy deep and intimate raw sex by candlelight, while Joseph Rough and David Lambert demonstrate why young love is the most intense. And David Sweet and Axel Fulling give each other the gift of cum to express their feelings! Don’t hold back when you’re “LOVING HIM RAW“!

Michael Lucas Entertainment LOVING HIM RAW
SCENE 1: New York Hunks Marcus Isaacs and Drew Sumrok Flip-Fuck Raw
Both Marcus Isaacs and Drew Sumrok have been cruising each other around New York City for awhile now: at the gym, at bars and clubs, and on all of the apps. And when they make the commitment to finally meet up with one another, it couldn’t go better. It’s not just a quick romp for them: they feel a connection that grows as each piece of clothing comes off. Drew and Marcus are attentive lovers — it takes them no time for them to get hard. Marcus knows how to use his mouth to make his man happy, and Drew has no complaints. Both guys get their ass muscles worked out thoroughly: each cock slips in so easily it reaffirms why Drew Sumrok and Marcus Isaacs love gay bareback sex so much!

Michael Lucas Entertainment LOVING HIM RAW
SCENE 2: Nova Rubio and Austin Chandler Fuck Bareback by Candlelight
Austin Chandler’s favorite kind of fucking may be taking big black dick up his ass bareback, but when he meets Nova Rubio he doesn’t have a hard time shifting his tastes for one romantic candle-lit night. Nova prefers fucking a guy bareback in the ass, and Austin prefers taking it raw, but when these two meet each other it’s different. They attentively spend time on one another; they’re just as interested in giving pleasure as they are in receiving it. Nova fucks Austin long and hard, but what he’s surprised by is how much he loves feeling all nine inches of Austin in his ass as they have passionate gay bareback sex!

Michael Lucas Entertainment LOVING HIM RAW
SCENE 3: Joseph Rough and David Lambert Explore Young Raw Love
Young love is in the air, and the handsome young men Joseph Rough and David Lambert are all over each other as soon as they meet. They don’t have much control with their wandering handles and hungry wet lips, and as soon as the oral sex starts there’s no turning back for them. Both Joseph and David like to top and bottom, so they take turns riding each other raw! This is bareback sex that cannot be missed between two good looking young guys!

Michael Lucas Entertainment LOVING HIM RAW
SCENE 4: David Sweet Fucks Bareback with Axel Fulling
Love is blind, but it can also simply be mistaken for lust. Let’s ask a question: is Axel Fulling truly falling in love with David Sweet, or is this just a quick escape of passion out of his intense attraction for David Sweet’s body? It’s understandable — they just have an insane physique, especially when you take the time to admire his rock-hard pecks. And Axel Fulling is a stud himself: not only is he classically handsome, his toned body is one any gay guy with a pulse would like to get his hands on. But for this love (or lust) affair is reserved for the two of them alone. Even though David can be versatile, he prefers performing as a raw power-top with a passion for slamming a tight ass bareback after getting his dick sucked. But hey, it’s love, right? That’s why David lets his guard down and takes Axel’s throbbing hard-on bareback up his own ass. It’s hard to say who will come first when this is over: them or us!


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