DARE (FVP-180)

Falcon Studios DARE (FVP-180) Falcon Studios DARE (FVP-180)
Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: Jett Blakk
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Eric Blaine
Braxton Bond
Riley Burke
Cort Donovan
Noah Driver
Roman Heart
Dallas Reeves
Erik Rhodes
Tyler Riggz
Matthew Rush
Tyler Saint
Mason Wyler

Lou Cass as Psycho Sam

A car… a madman… a journey… a sexual awakening… join the journey if you dare.
   Life gets complicated when an innocent young man unwittingly becomes the target of a psycho druggie and other intriguing men with issues.
   When young Drew, an aspiring actor, sets his sights on Hollywood, the characters he meets along the way provide enough drama to fuel a soap opera. There’s drugs and sex; screwy mixups and sex; raunchy trucker sex; drunken gangbangers and rough sex; finally true love sex and … yes, the promise of a new day.

SCENE 1:  
Noah Driver is too much for gas station attendant Cort Donovan to ignore. Inside the supply room the two eager young studs get down to a sizzling session of sucking, stroking, rimming and fucking…leaving both young men soaked and satisfied.

SCENE 2:  
In a sleazy truckstop john businessy Erik Rhodes gives redneck Tyler Riggz the onceover. His cock rises and Tyler takes full advantage. Soon these muscled studs are worshipping each others tight stiff forms. The two studs savor their cocks and then Tyler gets down and rims Erik…softening and opening his hole in preparation for the stiff hard fucking to follow. Before they’re done both mean are drenched in sweat and soaked in cum.

SCENE 3:  
Braxton Bond and Riley Burke have found themselves some trouble in the lusty posse of Roman Heart, Tyler Saint, Matthew Rush, Dallas Reeves and Eric Blaine who are determined to make Braxton and his buddy pay the price for intruding on their turf. Just as the mob is about to stuff Braxton’s mouth full of cock. Riley hustles him outside and into the safety of their getaway car. Horny and headstrong, these riled up studs need someone to take their frustrations out on and lithe bottom boy Mason Wyler serves their purposes perfectly. Before long each of the men have taken their turn on Mason and their other buddies and the lusty lads cheer each other on as they pump out thick loads.

SCENE 4:  
With murder, mystery, and mayhem behind them, Braxton Bond and Riley Burke check into a hotel room for a little loving. They go down on each other…each man eagerly throating the others cock….they suck…69…then suck again. Soon Braxton’s sliding his thick cock deep in Riley’s ass…pumping with dedication and passion. Before long Riley needs his own cock buried…so he gives Braxton a good fucking…pumping out Braxton’s load before he delivers his own.


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