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Mason Wyler Jake Havoc Devin Bleu Brian Bodine Dominik Rider Christian Owen Marc Williams Ludovic Canot Tyler Saint Steve Carlisle Mason Wyler Jake Havoc Devin Bleu Brian Bodine Dominik Rider Christian Owen Marc Williams Ludovic Canot Tyler Saint Steve Carlisle Mason Wyler Jake Havoc Devin Bleu Brian Bodine Dominik Rider Christian Owen Marc Williams Ludovic Canot Tyler Saint Steve Carlisle

Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: J.C. Adams
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Devin Bleu
Brian Bodine
Ludovic Canot
Steve Carlisle
Jake Havoc
Christian Owen
Dominik Rider
Tyler Saint
Marc Williams
Mason Wyler

SCENE 1: Christian Owen tops Mason Wyler
SCENE 2: Devin Bleu and Dominik Rider flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Mason Wyler and Steve Carlisle, Devin Bleu
   • Mason Wyler tops Steve Carlisle
   • Mason Wyler tops Devin Bleu who tops Steve Carlisle (train)
SCENE 4: Brian Bodine tops Jake Havoc
SCENE 5: Ludovic Canot, Marc Williams and Tyler Saint top Mason Wyler

Studio 2000 and director JC Adams step into the boxing ring for T.K.O.! Heartbreaker studpup Mason Wyler and Studio 2000 Exclusives Devin Bleu and Jake Havoc anchor five sweatily erotic man-on-man match-ups: two duos (megahung hotties Jake Havoc with Brian Bodine, crushworthy Christian Owen with Mason); another duo pairing superbod Domink Rider with cutie Devin Bleu that carries over into a threesome when Devin joins musclebound Steve Carlisle to seduce Mason; and a sensual, erotic fourgy featuring Mason taking on dreamy newcomer Ludovic Canot plus walls-of-muscle Tyler Saint and Marc Williams!

FIGHT 1: Christian Owen tops Mason Wyler
Sexy young blonds Christian and Mason work up a sweat in an authentic boxing gym, doing pull-ups and push-ups as they eye each other. Their flirtation boils over and soon the young studs are macking on each other passionately, stripping off their boxing shorts and sucking down cocks with gusto. Christian happily rims a moaning Mason to prepare him for an aggressive fuck in three different positions, culminating in a pair of wet, sticky loads.

FIGHT 2: Flip-fuck with Devin Bleu and Dominik Rider
At another gym, musclebod Dominik supervises adorable Studio 2000 Exclusive Devin’s sit-ups. But other things occupy Devin’s attention and before he finishes his set, the two young men are kissing with slow, sensual passion. Their makeout session leads to enthusiastic blowjobs and an aggressive, exciting flip-fuck atop a weight bench. You can almost smell the sweat as they pound away at each other (that chemistry is the real thing—both guys could barely keep their hands off each other off-camera) and blast off a set of hot, wet pop shots.

FIGHT 3: Devin Bleu, Mason Wyler and Steve Carlisle
Mason turns up midway through Devin and Dominik’s sexing and tries to join in. But Coach Steve has a different kind of cardio in mind. Before they reach the punching bag, Steve and Mason are devouring each other’s bodies; Mason lithe and smoothly muscular, Steve masculine and muscled. As the bald hunk Steve dives between Mason’s milky asscheeks, the young stud has his eye on Devin across the room, and invites him to make it a threesome. Devin happily complies and as he and Steve kiss, Mason finds himself in cock heaven trying to stuff both hefty boners into his mouth at once. When they move to fucking, Devin plows Steve and Mason humps Devin for an irresistible fuck train. Their hot assignation ends with the younger studs dumping their loads all over daddy Steve’s ripped chest.

FIGHT 4: Brian Bodine tops Jake Havoc
Brian and Studio 2000 Exclusive Jake share close quarters in the locker room as they strip down for their own workout session. That chemistry carries over to the punching bags when Brian decides he can’t wait any longer and boldly comes on to Jake. Not much persuasion is necessary! Brian drops to his knees to tackle Jake’s jaw-stretching python, while Jake returns the favor with Brian’s thick, curving magic stick. Bald, beautiful Brian aggressively stuffs Jake with cock in two positions and ends their scene with Jake flat on his back in the boxing ring as the two athletic studs empty their hoses on Jake’s flat belly.

FIGHT 5: Mason Wyler bottoms for Ludovic Canot, Tyler Saint, Marc Williams
Superbod Tyler admires his stacked physique in the mirror when he’s joined by fellow bodybuilder Marc. Before the two can strip down and get to work, they’re joined by another handsome pair of studs fresh from their own workout—dreamy newcomer Ludovic and the ever-hungry Mason. The four guys kiss enthusiastically, while Ludovic goes to town so enthusiastically on the stiff erections it’s as if he can hardly believe his luck. The moans and groans of Tyler, Marc and Mason bear out Ludovic’s talented tongue and throat. Young pup Mason’s tight bum is soon prepped for entry and one after another, all three topmen happily and enthusiastically ravage his sweet hole. Their heavy-duty fucking brings them to climax and each horned-up stud blasts Mason’s torso with manjuice, with Ludovic providing enough cum for all of them combined. Mason’s own cumshot closes out Studio 2000’s erotic round of mansex in the boxing ring.


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