Falcon Studios ENDLESS CRUSH (FVP-179) Brad Star Colby Taylor Cole Ryan Jordan Jaric Falcon Studios ENDLESS CRUSH (FVP-179) Brad Star Colby Taylor Cole Ryan Jordan Jaric

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Bruno
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Aden Jaric
Jordan Jaric
Tristan Jaxx
Steven Ponce
Cole Ryan
Brad Star
Colby Taylor
Todd Welch
Kurt Wild
Mason Wyler

SCENE 1: Brad Star Kurt Wild
SCENE 2: Jordan Jaric and Aden Jaric jack-off while watching Cole Ryan top Steven Ponce
SCENE 3: Colby Taylor and Tristan Jaxx top Todd Welch and Mason Wyler
SCENE 4: Jordan Jaric tops Aden Jaric

The big wheels of hot guy-on-guy sex roll endlessly on, crushing any notion that these ten studs don’t know what to do with each other. A spirited exercise in expert cocksucking and ass-splittin’ fun.

SCENE 1: Brad Starr & Kurt Wild
Hardly any negotiations are needed when Kurt comes upon studly Brad in the woods. In no time at all, Kurt is down on his knees, with stars in his eyes, as he initiates the action with Brad’s mantool stuffed wholly down his gullet; then he surrenders his asshole for the hunky stud to plow.

SCENE 2: Cole Ryan & Steven Ponce, with Aden & Jordan Jaric
While Cole and Steven think they’re sharing an intimate moment, Jordan and Aden are in the background watching and beating their meat. No time to hold anything back as the two campers traverse each other’s bodies with their tongues, mouths, hands and cocks.

SCENE 3: Tristan Jaxx, Mason Wyler, Todd Welch & Colby Taylor
This hungry quartet finds themselves poolside and itching to go. Tristan pairs off with Mason, while Colby takes Todd on and the two sets of eager studs compete to see who can out-suck, out-fuck, out-rim and out-sex the other, until they switch partners to carry on even more.

SCENE 4: Aden & Jordan Jaric
Aden and Jordan finally come together for the reunion they’ve been aching for. They start off slow and deliberate, until passion kicks into high gear and they bombard each other with spirited enthusiasm, climaxing in two explosive bursts of mancream.


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