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Falcon Studios CHASERS (JVP-080)

Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks
Directed by: Lawrence David
Year of Release / Production: 1997
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jake Andrews
Kristian Brooks
Tom Chase
Brent Cross
Akos Matyas
Paul Morgan
Pedro Pandilla
Anthony Shaw
Colby Taylor

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Falcon Studios CHASERS (JVP-080)
Studly blonde Paul Morgan is playing with himself, stroking his smooth slick cock when Anthony Shaw enters. Anthony settles down for a good suck and Paul appreciates the effort – pumping his cock deep into Anthony’s mouth as he fingers and stretches Anthony’s hole. Jake Andrews joins in and soon Paul and Anthony are competing for Jakes thick hot tool. Jake fucks Paul then Anthony, making them moan and beg for more. Outside, Tom Chase watches the action, getting so turned on by these lusty studs that he can’t resist pumping out his own thick load…coating the window through which he’s observing. Oblivious to their voyeur, Jake, Paul and Anthony feel the tremor rise as one by one they release thick ropes of cum.

Falcon Studios CHASERS (JVP-080)
Outside on a swing, Colby Taylor rims Brent Cross’s hole and savors his balls. Working his way up, Colby sucks and savors Brent’s thick cock….working it well and worshipping every inch. They swithc places and Brent returns the favor…lovingly tonguing licking and sucking Colby’s cock. Heated up and ready to go, Colby offers Brent his ass, and Brent slides his thick cock deep in Colby’s ass, pumping slowly and deliberately at first…then increasing the tempo. Tom Chase enjoys the view from behind a tree, watching these young bucks rut in the forest…testing their tools and giving in to nature. Tom savors the sight as he strokes his mammoth cock. When at last he unloads Tom captures the thick shiny load in his hand and slurps it down as his two young subjects release their own thick cream.

Falcon Studios CHASERS (JVP-080)
There’s one last customer to take care of at “Chasers” and Tom Chase offers Akos Matyas a bit more than the standard last call. The two studs end up in the pool room and Akos begins worshipping Tom’s mammoth cock – dropping to his knees and savoring it with eager sucking. Tom plants Akos on the pool table and rims his ass…priming and opening it for a sure-fire fucking to come. Akos returns the favor…warming Tom’s ass and sucking his cock. Tom straddles Akos and fucks his ass with hard, slow, deliberate thrusts…as the studs warm into their fuck, the tempo increases until finally Tom is slamming Akos’ ass deep. Tom pulls out and shoots his load all over Ako’s waiting face, then eats his hot load off with long tongue strokes. As Akos feels Tom’s heat all over him, he unleashes his own load in thick spurts.


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