Falcon Studios / Mustang DARKROOM (MVP-103) Falcon Studios / Mustang DARKROOM (MVP-103)

Studio: Falcon Studios / Mustang
Directed by: Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Samuel Colt
Derrek Diamond
Sean Everett
Johnny Gunn
Tristan Jaxx
Alessio Romero
Tyler Saint
Draven Torres
Tom Wolfe
Roman Wright

Tommy Ruckus [Skip Piston / Nick Forte]

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See what develops in the Darkroom, where sexual fear easily becomes a motivating force.
   The chambers of a dark heart can house the feverish fantasies of a wicked imagination. Anything and anyone is fair game in this naughty and voyeuristic culture. And it can all be captured and recorded just as desired in any photograph, imagined or real.

SCENE 1: Samuel Colt & Sean Everett
Samuel Colt and Sean Everett wake up naked, wide-eyed and fearful; their thumbs tightly manacled behind them, their cocks locked in metal chastity belts, and their mouths stuffed with jockstraps. A masked assailant throws them onto the floor. He frees Samuel’s hands, then rams a glistening silver plug up his asshole. It hurts real bad and the big man starts to whimper. With the plug securely in place, Samuel nuzzles up to Sean for comfort. But then he is forced to unleash the same brutal attack on his friend. He shimmies a silver dildo up Sean’s hole. Suddenly feeling empowered, Samuel starts to enact his lusty rage by sucking Sean’s uncut cock. With dread and anxiety finally abated, the two friends lose themselves in each other’s flesh. Sean rims his buddy’s buttcrack, digging his tongue deep inside the hole and Samuel responds by screwing him up the ass. Each forceful thrust is steady and relentless, driving both men to finally climax and cum, spilling their manjuice all over.

SCENE 2: Tom Wolfe fucks Alessio Romero
Alessio Romero is bound to a chair naked, gagged and afraid. A hooded Tom Wolfe enters and empties a bucket of cold water all over him, drenching him completely. The fierce tormentor wields a pole with a lit bulb at the end and draws it dangerously close to his target’s soaked flesh, making Alessio quiver with fear as the heat of the bulb touches his nipples, his scrotum, his face. Panic is quickly replaced by pleasure as Tom suddenly lavishes kisses on his victim and then starts to suck his cock and balls. Alessio’s lust is unleashed and he dives tongue-first into Tom’s hairy asshole and musky pits before guzzling up his swollen cock. Then he lays back and lets Tom ram his hole with a series of fierce jabs. The assplowing continues as he climbs aboard and rides Tom’s pole; then he gets screwed from behind doggie-style. Alessio jerks himself off and unloads and Tom follows with a smattering of hot cum all over his victim’s back.

SCENE 3: Roman Wright fucks Draven Torres
Draven Torres is fast asleep, his ankle chained to a pole, when a naked Roman Wright awakens him with a kiss. The big burly intruder starts to suck on Draven’s dick, running his lips and tongue up and down the shaft, savoring the salty sweetness of the tender flesh. Draven is completely aroused and quickly returns the lusty ministrations by nursing on Roman’s thick staff. He continues to suckle the super-sized cock as Roman rims his sweet asshole. Draven then straddles his buddy and plants himself atop his cock and bucks up and down like a wild bronco. They get up and Roman continues to piledrive Draven’s chute, grinding his hips as he pumps his dick in and out. Then it’s back down on the mattress with Draven’s legs spread wide and Roman rooting himself as far deep and snug inside the hole. The two men finish themselves off, jerking their cocks until they both explode with bursts of milky spooge.

SCENE 4: Tristan Jaxx and Tyler Saint DP Johnny Gunn with assistance by Derrek Diamond and Tommy Ruckus
Unable to evade his pursuers any longer, Johnny Gunn is captured and thrown blindly into what will for him soon turn into a den of iniquity. Bewildered and frightened he finds himself surrounded by his two masked assailants and three other men who are strapped up and bound. The mystery men release the fettered captives — Tristan Jazz, Tyler Saint and Derrek Diamond — to sick ‘em on the hapless Johnny whose fears of becoming the target of their frenzied manlust is quickly realized. The ungodly trio of studs circle their trapped prey and one after the other penetrate Johnny from both ends, fucking and getting sucked off. Tristan and Tyler’s hedonistic hunger grows more savage as they stuff their cocks simultaneously into Johnny’s butthole for a double penetration. The action grows sweaty and finally climaxes with the brutish trinity showering?the worked-over Johnny with their cum, marking him as their rightful booty.

Falcon Studios / Mustang DARKROOM: GANG BANG (MVP-103 SE)

Derrek Diamond
Johnny Gunn
Tristan Jaxx
Tyler Saint
Skip Piston / Tommy Ruckus

Hooded and roughly manhandled, Johnny Gunn is thrown down to the ground. Tristan Jaxx and Tyler Saint watch what happens as they stand strapped and tethered, unable to move. They are soon freed from their bindings along with Derrek Diamond, the human ashtray, and all three of them rush to the hapless newcomer and begin to ravish him. Bedlam ensues as the inmates are now running the asylum and Johnny realizes he’s been singled out as the object of all their raging lust. One by one the trio of big-dicked brutes take turns fucking and getting sucked off by Johnny whose fear and anxiety fuel their bad behavior. Tristan and Tyler even try cramming both their cocks into Johnny’s stretched-out asshole. All four men build up a sweat as the action grows more fevered and frantic. It finally cums to an explosive end with Tristan, Tyler and Derrek jerking themselves off and blasting? Johnny with showers of spooge, leaving them all feeling smug and satisfied.


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