Falcon Studios THE TRAINER (FVP-192) Adam Killian Trent Davis Aden Jaric Jordan Jaric Ty Colt T.J. Hawke Hunter Vance Leo Giamani Falcon Studios THE TRAINER (FVP-192) Adam Killian Trent Davis Aden Jaric Jordan Jaric Ty Colt T.J. Hawke Hunter Vance Leo Giamani

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Bruno
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ty Colt
Trent Davis
Leo Giamani
T.J. Hawke
Aden Jaric
Jordan Jaric
Adam Killian
Hunter Vance

The gym proves to be the perfect hunting ground for hot guys to stretch their muscles and sweat it out.
   Everyone can use a helping hand — and more — when working out. All that physical training and body conditioning can be more rewarding with someone sweating at your side. So get with the program, find a buddy and make sure all that hard work pays off in the end.

Falcon Studios THE TRAINER (FVP-192)
SCENE 1: TJ Hawke and Hunter Vance
TJ Hawke spots Hunter Vance lifting weights and offers to be his workout buddy. The close contact during the rigorous workout soon evolves into a more intimate and deeper connection. They trade off sucking each other’s cocks deep down throats before TJ slams his tool deep inside Hunter’s ass. Whether getting pumped from behind or sitting on top to straddle TJ’s pole, Hunter’s asshole gets an exhaustive workout. And the verbal teasing, abuse, taunting, and pleading highlights the action. Before long it’s a race to the finish as the guys face each other and jack off to explosive results.

Falcon Studios THE TRAINER (FVP-192)
SCENE 2: Ty Colt, Adam Killian and Leo Giamani
Ty Colt knows how fierce his physique is so it comes as no surprise when Adam Killian asks to photograph him. When Leo Giamani – an equally impressive paragon of male pulchritude – joins the modeling session, things heat up and when Adam jumps in, it’s a bonafide symposium of the gods. As the action proceeds, it’s Adam’s oral skills that drive Ty and Leo crazy. He is downing their cocks deep inside his throat and then he is up their asses with his tongue. A 3-man daisy-chain follows with Ty inside Leo inside Adam. Then Leo screws Adam from behind while he works Ty over, sucking his cock and rimming his ass. The models trade places but Adam doesn’t care; he’s still getting it from both ends and loving every moment. With Ty still inside him, Adam beats himself off and cums in gooey gobs. Leo follows suit blasting Adam’s chest with his spooge, and Ty finishes just as strong.

Falcon Studios THE TRAINER (FVP-192)
SCENE 3: Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric
Putting in a lot of physical effort to improve their health and fitness, Aden and Jordan work hard under Ty’s direction. But all that training makes them really horny and the guys are anxious to work off all that sexual energy. Alone in the locker room, intoxicated with the musky smells resulting from the strenuous exercise, they start to unwind. They start nursing on each other’s stiff cocks, tasting and enjoying the salty sweetness. The action continues in the showers as they take turns rimming each other’s puckered holes, before Jordan fucks Aden in the ass from behind. Then they hit the steamroom where Jordan resumes plundering Aden’s hole. They work up a sweat in the sultry, humid room, their passion for each other burning hot until they reward each other with massive shots of jism.

Falcon Studios THE TRAINER (FVP-192)
SCENE 4: Trent Davis and Ty Colt
Needing a personal trainer, Trent Davis hits pay dirt when he spots Ty’s ad. He calls the blond stud up and the two arrange a session. Ty is eager to give Trent his money’s worth so they begin an intense workout. He puts his student through his paces, monitoring his technique and progress, building up his strength and stamina. Then he notices Trent’s love muscle bulging for attention inside his shorts. Like all attentive coaches, he stops to minister to its needs. Ty slavishly works his tongue up and down Trent’s cock before swallowing it down his throat. Then Trent, wanting to show that his lingual technique is just as skilled, starts sucking Ty’s cock before he eats his ass. Ty takes charge and regains control by manhandling his protege, fucking him hard up his ass until they both climax and cum.


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