Falcon Studios DRIPPING WET 4 (FVP-226) Christopher Daniels Woody Fox Dean Monroe Paddy O Falcon Studios DRIPPING WET 4 (FVP-226)

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: Bruno Bond
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Christopher Daniels
Ray Diaz
Woody Fox
Bobby Hart
Dean Monroe
Paddy O’Brian
Johnny Ryder
Cal Skye

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As the hot sun beats down, the eight guys with beach-ready bods in Dripping Wet 4 get heated up and horned up. The cooling water of the swimming pool can’t keep their desires at bay. They want to be dripping wet with other forms of liquid: saliva, sweat, and semen. Director Bruno Bond combines these studs and all these fluids into a perfect mixture for getting off. As he ushers in the latest installment of this favorite Falcon poolside series, Bond excels at capturing facial expressions that portray the intensity of every sex act as he shoots this quartet of hook-ups guaranteed to make you drip and squirt. In each scene, swimsuits by Andrew Christian emphasize the flesh they’re designed to conceal, and each stud doesn’t take long to strip the suit off the other. When Paddy O’Brian parks his sexy haunches on the edge of the pool, the turquoise waters part and Johnny Ryder emerges, with a hot mouth in search of cock and a firm ass needing to be filled. Woody Fox is lucky to experience the amazing, wet cock sucking prowess of young hottie Ray Diaz, and then Fox takes a dick dive into Ray’s deep end. Christopher Daniels and Dean Monroe show how experienced porn stars do it: slow, savory sucking then an abrupt change to “fuck me now,” with each stud taking a turn as top. Cal Skye and Bobby Hart take to the open waters for a side-by-side floating 69 and rimming session before they reach land and Bobby takes the plunge into Cal. Don’t be fooled by the pool. What really gets these studs Dripping Wet is each other.

Falcon Studios DRIPPING WET 4 (FVP-226) Christopher Daniels Woody Fox Dean Monroe Paddy O
SCENE 1: Paddy O’Brian fucks Johnny Ryder
The exquisite Paddy O’Brian is dangling his feet in the pool, but it’s not likely to cool him off, because there’s a hot guy between his legs. Johnny Ryder is nibbling Paddy’s lips, like a mer-man from the deep who rose to find 180 pounds of muscle that needs a closer inspection at the edge of his world. Zing go the strings of Paddy’s swimsuit when the inspection takes a turn. Johnny hooks the waistband of Paddy’s trunks under his balls, causing them to lift and separate as the fat shaft above them sinks into Johnny’s throat. When no part of Paddy’s hefty equipment is left unsucked, he rolls back and spreads his cheeks for Johnny’s tongue to sample the depths of a hairy crack. They choose dry land for fucking, and Johnny’s smooth, tan buns get split by Paddy’s monster meat. Sweat breaks out in rivulets that follow the contours of their flesh, pooling in the hollow of Johnny’s throat and curling around the hairs between Paddy’s pecs. On the cusp of exhaustion from such intense fucking, they jerk out well-earned loads.

Falcon Studios DRIPPING WET 4 (FVP-226) Christopher Daniels Woody Fox Dean Monroe Paddy O
SCENE 2: Woody Fox fucks Ray Diaz
Everything is blue — the water, the tile, the towels, the planters and the swimsuits that are the only thing between the statuesque bodies of Woody Fox and Ray Diaz, who are necking in the pool. Ray distracts Woody with a nip at his nipples while groping under the waistband of his suit. Ray breathes along the length of Woody’s raging erection, releasing it inch by inch and running his tongue along every millimeter before swooping in to swallow it in a single gulp. Woody’s face throughout Ray’s expert blow job is one of passionate disbelief. Instead of praising Ray’s skill, Woody rewards him with a cock massage and rim job that leave Ray squirming to have his nutmeg-colored buns breached by Woody’s inches. They fuck like rabbits, with Ray on his knees and Woody straddling his ass, pumping him full of cock at the rate of two strokes per second. When Woody needs a break, they move to a lounge chair for a sit-fuck, with Ray able to ensure that his sweet spot gets hit on every thrust. Ray’s balls bounce so hard, that it has to hurt so good. A lot of screaming accompanies the creaming, leaving Ray dripping wet with two enormous loads.

Falcon Studios DRIPPING WET 4 (FVP-226) Christopher Daniels Woody Fox Dean Monroe Paddy O
SCENE 3: Christopher Daniels & Dean Monroe flip-fuck
Blond stud Christopher Daniels is drifting on a raft when the stunning Dean Monroe pulls him in for a kiss. Sly Dean, sporting slicked-back hair and a full manicured beard, slips a finger in Christopher’s ass while slipping his tongue into Christopher’s mouth. Daniels arches his back and nods, “go for it.” Dean takes a moment to survey his prey, letting one hand run down Christopher’s thigh while the other circles his furry chest. Grabbing Christopher’s hard shaft, Dean rubs the head around his nose and mouth before sucking it. Christopher needs to get fucked. Now. They seek dry ground and without further foreplay, Daniels settles his hole onto Monroe’s upright cock. Loads of saliva are exchanged, whether it’s Dean lubricating the cock he’s sucking or Christopher spitting into Dean’s mouth while he gets poled. The pace changes when Christopher dismounts and his face seeks out the musty cleavage of Dean’s buns. It’s Dean’s turn to get fucked. Christopher spears him from behind, using more spit for lube. Six-packs ripple in unison until Dean suddenly rights himself, releasing a burst of cum that triggers Daniels to do likewise, then lap the gooey stickiness off the hairs on Dean’s chest.

Falcon Studios DRIPPING WET 4 (FVP-226) Christopher Daniels Woody Fox Dean Monroe Paddy O
SCENE 4: Bobby Hart fucks Cal Skye
Bronze Bobby Hart and lean Cal Skye lie head-to-toe on a two-man raft, each fondling the bursting crotch of the other’s swim trunks. Cal has long limbs, rosy cheeks and a 5 o’clock shadow. Bobby exudes Latin lover, with thick black hair and skin the color of walnuts. Like horny buddies exploring their sexuality, they expose their cocks and stroke each other. Bobby’s cock gets so big, so fast that Cal has to lean over for a closer look. The hunger is overwhelming, and Cal impales his face with Bobby’s staff. They strip off their trunks in unison, then Cal resumes sucking. His own dick is dripping wet and leaves trails of pre-cum across Bobby’s flat tummy. They sixty-nine on the water and Cal spreads Bobby’s brown buns and teases the moist center with his tongue. Cal’s balls bounce and glisten as they ricochet off Bobby’s lips on the down-stroke of his deepthroating. They kiss when they leave the pool and choose a planter to fuck on. Cal is the bottom, and the flush on his cheeks spreads to his neck and chest as Bobby drills him deeper and faster. Heavy meat slapping a hungry ass sounds like applause. When Bobby’s cock starts to shoot, it just keeps coming, and Cal ups the ante by coating the lens of the camera with his spooge.


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