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Raging Stallion Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fisting Central
Directed by: Chris Ward & Tony DeMarco
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Andre Barclay
Matthieu Paris
Ricky Sinz
Sky Devil

Hey guys—Chris Ward here!
   I just finished watching the final edit of Fists Away and I can say that this is the finest fisting film of the past year. The action in this movie is over the top—punching, elbow deep, piss, gaping holes—you name it and this film has it! Fists Away will go down as one of the finest fisting movies of all time. If you only buy one fisting film this year, Fists Away is a guaranteed top choice. I personally guarantee this movie!
   Note: This is a limited edition DVD. When inventory runs out this movie will no longer be available in DVD format.

SCENE 1: Matthieu Paris & Andre Barclay
Fisting legend Matthieu Paris takes center stage in the first scene of this filthy film. Gym Stud and Fisting Newcomer Andre Barclay shoves his whole arm up Matthieu’s chute within the first minutes of the movie! There’s no fucking around with any warm-up here. Andre plunges his balled-up fist deep into Matthieu’s empty hole, again and again – deeper and deeper! It’s a powerfist powerpunch, driven so deep that it will take your breath away. An explosion of piss and precum erupt from Matthieu’s cock, drenching both men in a sloppy mess of liquid goo. But wait, there’s more!
   Matthieu knows from the quality of the fisting he has just received that Andre can also take it good! After all, in fisting the best tops are brilliant bottoms! Matthieu loves ass, and Andre has a prime hole that needs some tasting! He eats him out and before you know it, one finger, two fingers… then four… then BAM! His whole fist! Andre begs for a punching and he gets it right in the smacker hole! It takes twenty more minutes of first rate fisting to extract Andre’s hot white cum. And it’s tasty too!

SCENE 2: Matthieu Paris & Sky Devil
The next scene opens with Matthieu suspended from the ceiling by chains, one wrapped around each leg. Sky Devil, that Swiss fisting superstar, is down below, looking up into the vortex! From below, Sky Devil has full open access to Matthieu’s world famous bunghole. As we all know, Sky Devil is a filthy sex pig (the kind your mother warned you about). Let the pummeling begin! Matthieu’s ass hole drips with fuck juice as Sky Devil conducts a symphony with his hands. Then Sky Devil wields Matthieu’s cock like a fire hose, drenching himself and everything else with an amazing torrent of hot golden piss. Brought to the edge, Sky Devil shoots his thick sticky wad.

SCENE 3: Ricky Sinz & Sky Devil
Ricky Sinz is one mean motherfucker, so we knew we were going to get something over the top when we cast his fist against one of the biggest ass holes on earth. Sky Devil was up for the challenge and takes Ricky’s cock like a true stud. With each stroke, Ricky pounds deeper and deeper in to Sky Devil, getting his hole ready for his black-clad fist. In a rare fisting role, Ricky Sinz takes real pleasure in opening up Sky Devil’s ass, exposing his beautiful big wet sloppy red hole. Fully prepped, Ricky strings Sky Devil up to get maximum penetration. Alternating fists, Ricky punch fucks Sky’s ass into a gaping maw, as thick ropes of glistening lube flow steadily to the floor. Finally, Ricky hoists Sky Devil over his shoulder, fist still held tight by Devil’s sphincter, before throwing him on his back for a finally pounding, culminating in an explosive cum shot all over Sky Devil’s aching balls!

This is true fisting perfection. It’s a must own for all fans of uncensored controversial material.

NOTE: Because of the current decline in DVD sales in the Adult Market, only one pressing of this film will be made. When the first run of Fists Away sells out, this title will no longer be available in the DVD format and will only be available on line at Act now or lose your chance to own the best fisting film of the year.


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