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Raging Stallion / Bang Bang Boys IN BED WITH MIKE ROBERTS Raging Stallion / Bang Bang Boys IN BED WITH MIKE ROBERTS
Studio: Raging Stallion / Bang Bang Boys
Directed by: Gavin Lowe
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Caleb Carter
Poax Lenehan
Corbin Michaels
Leo Passos
Mike Roberts
Felix Stuhlbach
Bira Vaz

Gavin Lowe, the director of In Bed With Mike Roberts, wanted to give you his own blow-by-blow of the film…
   Here is the story of Mike Roberts. I used to work for legendry Matt Sterling, and for a while I was in charge of finding models as the talent scout. I met this kid named Mike Roberts, an ex-Marine and we became very good friends. Before he started in porn films, he did his first video for me. Being a straight guy, I wanted to see what he was willing to do on camera, so I decided one weekend to go to my friend’s house in Palm Springs, California and see what we could get out of him on film. This was actually when I first thought about starting Bang Bang Boys. I put an ad in the paper looking for models to work with Mike, and found 2 amateur guys to help me out – Corbin Michaels and Caleb Carter. I ended up shooting two videos and kept them to myself till about a month ago, when my friend Chris Ward at Raging Stallion looked at them and told me to edit and release them for you guys. So I did and I think you will enjoy Mike with his amazing physique and big, uncut cock. Yum!

SCENE 1: Mike and Corbin
Here is one of the videos that I shot of Mike. This time I matched him up with young and sexy Corbin. I managed to get Corbin to rim Mike. Mike never had a rim job before, but you can see he enjoyed it very much. I think after this video, Mike got more comfortable working with me and other guys in film. Mike is clearly a hit with members – check out what one member had to say about Mike, ” Mike, I am in love with your perfect physique, big blue eyes and my God, that perfect cock. More, Please!” So it is with pleasure we bring you Mike in all his glory.

SCENE 2: Felix and Leo
Well this was just sort of an impromptu fuck between studs Leo and Felix but, trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it. Nothing better than capturing a real moment between two guys going at it!

SCENE 3: Bira
I met Bira at a magazine shoot. He was modeling for a local magazine and I fell in love with him on the spot. He was young and full of energy with hot tats, a great body, and a killer smile. He loved to jerk off, so check this out because you will see a lot more of him in the future.

SCENE 4: Andre Gaucho and Poax
This is Andre’s second video with a guy; and I think he is getting better and better every time. I put him with Poax, a great bottom who loves taking straight, big dick. I think this video turned out very hot…

SCENE 5: Pete
Pete is another go-go dancer with an amazing physique, great skin, smooth body and a perfect bubble butt… and check out his tattoos…very hot stuff. After I filmed Pete, I found out that he had been in some straight porn, but had never done anything for gay porn. Maybe my luck will change one day as I would love to see that ass get rimmed and fucked!

SCENE 6: Mike Roberts fucks Caleb Carter
Mike Roberts ended up becoming a big porn star, famous for his hot body and big, uncut cock…but I got a hold of him first! He was fresh out of the Marines, and one of the first models I ever filmed – even before BangBangBoys. I hooked him up with an amateur guy, Caleb, for this shoot. I’m not sure if you guys know but after I shot this, I found out that Caleb Carter was on the MTV show Spring Break. You can see it on YouTube or check out my blog! So both the guys of this video went on to become pretty big stars. Remember you saw them here first!


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