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Raging Stallion GUNNER WORLD Raging Stallion GUNNER WORLD

Studio: Raging Stallion / Monster Bang
Directed by: Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Antonio Biaggi
Bruno Bond
Jason Crew
Erik Grant
Dominic Pacifico
Damian Rios
Ethan Roberts
Ricky Sinz
Charlie X

SCENE 1: Antonio Biaggi fucks Ethan Roberts
SCENE 2: Gunner and Ricky Sinz flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Charlie X fucks Bruno Bond
SCENE 4: Erik Grant and Gunner DP (double penetrate) Domnic Pacifico
SCENE 5: Jason Crew fucks Damian Rios

Monster Bang has always been about big dicks and with 13 inches of love, Gunner approaches the world dick-first. Gunner World is full of big dicks and the holes they find. From moment one, the biggest pricks in the business line up to fuck and suck each other. This movie is non-stop fucking. Huge cocks and the guys that can take them.

SCENE 1: Antonio Biaggi fucks Ethan Roberts
Antonio Biaggi is the first huge dick on screen and he offers it up to young hottie Ethan Roberts. Ethan goes down on Antonio without hesitation, whipping out Biaggi’s huge tool and putting it down his throat. Antonio loves good head and he loves having his balls played with. Ethan does both, choking on the massive cock and working Antonio’s balls. The main event here is in Ethan’s ass. Ethan bends over and lets Antonio warm him up with his tongue before taking all 11 inches up his butt. Ethan straddles the couch and puts his ass in the air as Antonio pumps into him. Ethan wants more so Antonio sits and lets Ethan lower his ass onto the big dick. When Ethan lies back for a third round of pounding, it pushes him over the edge and he shoots a load all over his shirt. Antonio pulls out and shoots all over Ethan.

SCENE 2: Gunner and Ricky Sinz flip-fuck
Gunner is already stroking his huge dick at the beginning of scene 2 when Ricky Sinz enters. Ricky finds Gunner already hard and wants to taste that massive shaft. Ricky goes down on Gunner, trying desperately to swallow the huge cock. Gunner takes a turn sucking off Ricky before Ricky bends over to take it up the ass. Gunner’s dick is huge and Ricky takes the whole thing like a champ. Ricky’s ass opens up for Gunner and soon enough the whole dick is in and Gunner is pounding away. Ricky takes a turn bent over the couch but then wants to go for a ride. Gunner lies back while Ricky straddles him and sits on Gunner’s massive prick. Gunner and Ricky go back to doggy style for another round and Ricky’s butthole complies. He takes it like the stud he is. Ricky’s ass is full of dick when he blows his load all over the blanket in front of him. Gunner is second and cover’s Ricky’s ass with cum.

SCENE 3: Charlie X fucks Bruno Bond
Charlie X is brand new to porn but his big dick fits right in…into Bruno Bond. Bruno and Charlie enter the apartment and start off kind of sweet, kissing and rubbing and trading spit. But when Bruno unbuttons Charlie’s jeans, he finds a nice, big dick to suck on. Charlie has a beautiful, fat head on his big, thick dick and Bruno sucks it down eagerly. Bruno strips off his shirt and offers up his dick for Charlie’s lips. Bruno bends over and Charlie plows him, pushing his fat cock up into his hole as Bruno moans. Bruno wants a turn on top and Charlie allows him to sit on it, pumping up and down from above. Charlie’s dick stretches Bruno’s hole as they fuck. Bruno shoots a load while Charlie fucks him, then gets on his knees for a face full of Charlie’s cum.

SCENE 4: Erik Grant and Gunner DP (double penetrate) Domnic Pacifico
Erik Grant’s cock is almost the same size as Gunner’s. So when Dominic Pacifico is looking for cock, he goes straight to the two biggest dicks for a pounding. Erik Grant is a stunning fellow and his cock is no different. Between Gunner and Erik, there are 25 inches of dick for Dominic to play with and stuff up his hole. On his knees, Dominic takes a turn sucking each huge cock, looking up at the two men as he pleasures them. Both big dicks fill his mouth at once before he goes back for more, trying to swallow Erik’s whole cock and struggling to get Gunner’s dick down his throat at the same time. Erik pushes Dominic onto Gunner’s dick while he goes for a taste of Dominic’s ass. With a tongue in his ass and a dick down his throat, Dominic is in heaven. But it gets better once they all start to fuck. Dominic takes both massive dicks at once!! A big dick DP is followed by multiple rounds of ass-fucking and dick-sucking, with Dominic always on the bottom. As he is pounded, Dominic releases his cum all over his well defined abs. Erik and Gunner follow, covering Dominic with cum.

SCENE 5: Jason Crew fucks Damian Rios
Damian Rios and Jason Crew are already making out as they walk into the room. Damian is quick to go to his knees and release Jason’s massive dick from his pants. Damian swallows as much of it as he can, working the head and taking as much of the huge shaft as possible. Jason then goes down on Damian, working his dick with his lips and tongue. It all proves to be too much and Damian blows a load in Jason’s mouth before they have even fucked. Damian turns around and offers up his ass. Jason dives in with tongue first, warming up the beautiful hole for a nice fuck. When Jason puts his dick in, Damian moans with pleasure. The camera follows the big dick as it pushes into Damian’s asshole over and over again. Jason tears Damian up, pounding him hard from behind before Damian climbs on top and slides Jason’s huge dick into his ass. Damian rides Jason like a roller coaster, up and down and all around before shooting a load, all while Jason fucks him. Jason pulls out and shoots all over Damian’s chest in a fitting finale to the latest Monster Bang fuckfest.


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