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FRESHMEN ISSUE 201 Karl Ayers Tom Rogers Sammy Poulain Helmut Huxley Cristiano Cruzo George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen

Studio: BelAmi / Freshmen
Year of Production / Release: 2020
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Karl Ayers
Cristiano Cruzo
Helmut Huxley
Sammy Poulain
Tom Rogers


Karl Ayers & Tom Rogers FRESHMEN ISSUE 201 George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen
SEX SCENE 1: Karl Ayers & Tom Rogers

It’s our pleasure to present Karl Ayers in his first hardcore performance. While Karl was given some training with Kirk Gaugin prior to this, this is his first full scene. We paired him with Tom Rogers as they have similar physiques and personality. Karl began as a chat model then decided he would like to try some action as well. Though both boys are hesitant at the start, once the initial awkwardness passes, they really seem to enjoy their time together. Tom is also making his debut as a top deciding he’d like to be Karl’s first onscreen fuck.

Sammy Poulain & Helmut Huxley FRESHMEN ISSUE 201 George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen
SEX SCENE 2: Sammy Poulain & Helmut Huxley

In an update filled with firsts, here is Sammy’s first completed scene and his 2nd hardcore performance. Sammy luckily drew the long straw today, partnering with the handsome and hung Helmut Huxley. Though Tom in our lead scene, and Helmut in this, had the same job- guiding newbies in their first full scene- their approaches are different. Tom treated his task as a training session whereas Helmut regarded this as more of an assessment. Though Helmut is irreverent, he does take lovemaking seriously and is a first-rate attentive lover who pays close attention to the needs and wants of his partner. Our cameraman, Marty Stevens, bears witness as Helmut shows young Sammy how lovemaking should be done. Judging by the cummy kiss at the end, we can confidently say Sammy passed the assessment.

Cristiano CruzoFRESHMEN ISSUE 201 George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen
PHOTOS: Cristiano Cruzo

Here is another fresh-faced first in the person of Cristiano Cruzo. Cristiano is a cute and shy Slovak who filmed with us for about a year. Here are his introductory images. In November he’ll costar in a flip flop special with Derek Caravaggio.


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