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William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Fuck Men Robert Drtina Jan Faust Vasek Konik Brian Jovovich

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Robert Drtina
Jan Faust
Vasek Konik

What a wonderful scene we have today, with three of the hottest guys ever. Robert Drtina and Jan Faust sneak in to Vasek Konik’s bedroom, finding him asleep. They get their phones and start to photograph him. He is naked and with a big hard cock. Jan and Robert have fun taking those naughty pics. Robert sucks on Vasek’s hard cock as Jan takes pics of it on his phone. Then Jan leans over and begins to kiss Vasek, with Robert taking pics all the while. Vasek awakes and realises he wasn’t dreaming. He tells the guys to carry on with the sucking and kissing. Robert happily obliges, sucking on Vasek’s big hard cock some more. Jan also returns to kissing. Jan then takes turns with Robert, in sucking on Vasek’s throbbing cock. The two of them lick up and down the shaft and suck the big head of Vasek’s cock. Vasek kisses Robert as he also gropes him, opening his shorts and feeling inside. He pulls out Robert’s rock hard cock and is soon sucking on it as Jan’s mouth is wrapped tightly around his. Jan then moves over to Robert, standing next to him, naked and with a fully erect dick. Robert quickly takes Jan’s huge erection in his mouth. Vasek continues to work on Robert’s cock too. Then Robert slides down so that he cant suck Vasek again, as Jan stands on the bed for Vasek to suck him. He sucks and wanks on Jan’s cock before moving back down to work on Robert’s. Robert is back on Jan’s dick. Then they form a circle and all three are being sucked at the same time. Vasek then kneels over Jan, pulling his legs up so that he can rim his hot hole. At the same time Robert is behind Vasek licking at his hole too. Jan, meanwhile, is sucking on Vasek’s cock again. Moving again Robert gets between Jan’s legs and slides his throbbing cock into that hot, hairy hole. He fucks Jan’s tight ass. Jan’s cock is rock hard too, as he gets fucked, and Vasek leans over to suck on it. Jan gets his hole filled real good. But then they change again, with Vasek sitting right down on Jan’s stiff cock . He rides that cock, his hole stretched wide as he takes it all. Vasek is filled in the ass by Jan’s huge cock and his own dick is beign sucked by Robert. Jan thrusts up into that tight hole as Vasek’s dick stands proud. Then he starts riding that cock again. Vasek then lays on the bed, one leg up in the air, with Jan fucking his ass some more. Robert is still working on Vasek’s hard cock. Jan’s dick slides all the way in that beautiful ass, with nice long strokes. Vasek needs to cum and starts wanking his cock real fast. Robert is wanking himself too and it is a race to see who will cum first. Vasek’s moans get louder and he dumps his cum all over. Robert continues wanking as Jan’s fucking of Vasek speeds up. Jan really pounds that hole as Robert shoots his creamy load over Vasek’s hot body. Then it is Jan’s turn. He pulls out and fires his cum over Vasek’s leg, milking his cock till all the cum is out. Robert leans down to kiss Vasek again. Then Vasek kiss Jan as well and all three lay down to rest after a wonderful session.


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