William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Fuck Men Libor Bores Ivan Mraz

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Libor Bores
Ivan Mraz

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We brought two great looking guys, Libor Bores and Ivan Mraz together for this screentest. It is Ivan’s first time for full sex with another guy. Libor has a brief chat with Ivan and then leans over and starts to kiss him, quickly moving down his chest to the nipples as well. He rubs Ivan’s groin and kisses it as well. Libor lays Ivan down and straddes him, continuing to kiss him everywhere. He opens and removes Ivan’s pants, showing off an already rock hard cock. Libor grabs it and wanks it and then closes his mouth over the head and starts to suck. He is really up for some hot sex, sucking hard on the cock and the balls as well. He slaps the cock against his mouth and then takes it inside again. His hot mouth works all over the cock and balls. Then he licks all the way up Ivan’s hot body and kisses his mouth again. Back down on that throbbing cock to suck it again, and then Libor opens his own jeans and pulls out his dick too. It is fully hard and he pulls his jeans off before returning to his sucking and kissing. Moving to a 69 has Ivan on top, sucking Libor’s cock as his own is deep in the other mouth. Libor then scramble to his knees, getting behind Ivan and dives his face right into that hot ass. He tongues Ivan’s hole as he wanks him. Then Libor shoves his rock hard cock deep into that wet ass. He really pounds away at that ass with Ivan taking it all the way. Libor’s cock rams in and out of that hole, with both guys breathing heavily. Ivan’s cock is hard as he gets fucked and his hand grabs it for some wanking. Libor wants to try a new position, so he lays down and has Ivan sit his hot ass down on that cock. He rides the cock and then Libor starts his fucking, superfast. He rams his cock in and out of that ass as hard and fast as he can. Then Ivan starts to ride again as Libor wanks him. Ivan leans forward so that Libor can fuck again. He really is turned on and works that hole, fucking it madly. Ivan leans forward and kisses Libor as his ass takes that big dick. Then they change positions, and flip. Libor on his back and Ivan slamming his cock deep into his hole. He fucks it hard as Libor wanks himself. Ivan pulls out and then shoves his big cock back in and Libor shoots a massive load of cum all over his belly. Ivan continues to fuck Libor’s hot hole until he is ready to cum as well. He pulls out and dumps his cum all over Libor’s sexy body. Then he leans over to kiss his new buddy again. They go off to the shower to clean up, and in the process Libor goes back down on Ivan’s cock again. Ivan cant resist returning the favour. These guys are so turned on their cocks just wont go down. What a wonderful screentest for Ivan, with Libor really showing him the way in wonderful style.


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