Herve Handsome / Hervé Bodilis Hungary Gay Porn Herve Handsome / Hervé Bodilis Hungary Gay Porn

Studio: High Octane / Body Prod.
Directed by: Herve Handsome / Hervé Bodilis
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Hungary

Claudio Antonelli
Alfredo Kasztalido [Alfredo Castaldo]
Jonathan Collins
Fredy Costa
Steve Hunt
Garci Udulo [James Jordan]
Daniel Lautrec / Fabrizio Mangiatti
Jean Lautrec / Maurizio Mangiatti
Rogerio Matteo [Rogerio Mateo]
Lucio Maverick
Mario McGabe [Mario McCabe]
Evan Rochelle
Sergio Soldi
Rod Stevens
Flavio Valentino

ake a journey with 15 rough men looking for big, bold adventures in the great outdoors. Into the Wild, they rough it with only each other for comfort. How deep will men go when civilization is left behind? Join Herve Bodilis’ men and find out.
   The call of the wild on this camping trip is an invitation to rampant man sex that blows the flaps off the tents. Inhibitions disappear as night falls and the boys guzzle beer around the campfire. Buffed Rogerio Matteo offers no resistance to insatiable power bottom Steve Hunt’s chummy seduction and slobbery, throat-choking blow job. Matteo beckons over muscular Evan Rochelle, who’s been pulling his pud watching. Hunt delights in the face fucking and ass plowing from both studs.
   Inside a tent, meanwhile, mosquitoes wake up burly, gorgeous Jonathan Collins. He’s way too horny to pass up a midnight quickie with feisty tent mate Rod Stevans. The rimming here is way over the top. After a blistering oral exchange, Collins lifts his massive thighs, and Stevans makes a banquet of his pucker hole. As the saliva dribbles down his ass crack, Collins rolls his head on the ground, moaning in ecstasy. Collins flips his prey over and power fucks his hungry ass. When they switch to doggy style, the big hunk leaves no doubt who’s in charge, leaning his forearms on the small of Stevans’ back and drilling him without mercy. Stevans flips onto his back again, feet near his shoulders, butt facing the sky, and Collins digs his cock into the man hole like an air hammer. That’s hot. The scenes only get hotter.
Next morning, Garcia Udulo brings coffee and kisses to snoozing Flavio Valentino. They close the flaps and unleash their libidos, sustaining a manic pace right up to Udulo’s colossal sperm gusher onto Valentino’s pecs, shoulder and neck.
   Lothario Lucio Maverick and hulking Alfredo Kasztaldo pause while hiking to cool off from the blistering sun. The erotic water bottle shower Kasztaldo gives himself only heats up Maverick, who fondles the big bruiser’s chest and leads him into a very torrid outdoor fuck. Bottom Kasztaldo growls his pleasure like a jungle beast.
   Back at the camp site, the super sexy Lynch twins do the nasty in a four-way with hotties Claudo Antonelli and Sergio Soldi. The DVD extras have even bolder footage of just the twins skirting the edges of incest.
   Finally, horse-hung Fredy Costa interrupts his fishing to give twinkish passer by Mario Mcgabe an impromptu demo on the joy of fish-free sex. Quick study Mcgabe cums twice. Six scenes in the High Octane minimalist-plot style, full of horny men reveling in sex.

DVD Extras: Photo gallery, scene selection, behind the scenes, no regional coding, wide screen (letterbox) option. Requires an HD DVD player.


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