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Studio: Tom Bradford Presents
Directed by: Tom Bradford
Year of Production / Release: 2007 / 2008
Country of Production: Hungary

Rick Bauer
Ivan Gregorovich [Zoltan Erdey]
Adrian Floris
Alexander Ramirez [Alex Fuerte]
Massimo Frezetti [Jose Ganatti]
Roberto Giorgio
Colin Harris [Daniel Lautrec]
John Harris [Jean Lautrec]
Daniel Lopez
Carlo Ramos
Ben Stockwell
Julian Vincenzo

SCENE 1: Ivan Gregorovich [Zoltan Erdey], Ben Stockwell and Rick Bauer flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Alexander Ramirez [Alex Fuerte] and Roberto Giorgio flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Adrian Flores, Massimo Frezetti [Jose Ganatti] and Carlo Ramos flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Julian Vincenzo tops Colin Harris [Daniel Lautrec], John Harris [Jean Lautrec] and Daniel Lopez who all flip-fuck

Muscle boy RICK BAUER, tall and trim IVAN GREGOROVICH and big cocked BEN STOCKWELL hook up in an abandoned former communist disco. Eye meet, hands go to bulging crotches and soon they are all three kissing passionately and exploring tight bodies over soon-to-be discarded clothes. Everyone blows and gets blown before Ben is bent over a table to be rimmed and fed cock at the same time.
   Ivan fucks Rick’s muscular ass while Ben shoves his hefty cock into Rick’s willing mouth. Then with his leather harness still on, Ben takes Rick’s cock in his ass, then Ivan’s before a daisy chain is formed with Rick in the middle, Ivan on top and Ben on the bottom. Combat boots still on, Ivan throws his legs in the air and Rick fucks him while Ben straddles his face. Rick and Ben both cum all over Ivan’s ass, who then cums while Rick and Ben kiss him.

Hunky international star ROBERTO GIORGIO swaggers his way down industrial metal stairs to meet wall-of-muscle ALEXANDER RAMIREZ, clad in fatigues. Their massive bodies clash, clothes are ripped off and they mutually worship each others’ bulging muscles. Blow jobs are exchanged, they each take the other’s big cocks in their tight asses and then Alexander gets on his knees to suck off Roberto, taking his hot cum all over his face. He finally shoots all over Robert’s boots.

MASSIMO FERZETTI meets ADRIAN FLORIS in an abandoned bar. ADRIAN is a slight, but tight and defined boy-man with long hair and a big cock in tight leather pants. Massimo is tall, exotic and built. CARLO RAMOS, a young daddy, joins them. Adrian stands on the bar while Carlo peels off his leather pants to suck his cock while Massimo rims him. They end up on the dirty floor where Carlo fucks Adrian’s face while Massimo rims Carlo’s furry ass. Everyone fucks and gets fucked before shooting big loads!

In another part of the bar, suave and built JULIAN VINCENZO embraces hunky DANIEL LOPEZ. Stubble against stubble as two men kiss before Daniel goes to his knees to worship Julian’s big cock. Stunning twins COLIN and JOHN HARRIS arrive and each takes a cock in their mouths, one hungrily sucking Julian, the other Daniel. The twins are propped up on a table, blown, rimmed and furiously fucked!
   Everyone cums. Everyone is happy. THE CRAVE trilogy concludes.


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