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INSIDE ANDY Danny Ray Studio 2000

Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: Danny Ray
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Enrico Dickens
Roger Gharny
Andy Frakes
Tom Hawai
Eliah Keilor
Tom Koch / Martin Horak
Fernando La Vegas
Drago Lambeck
Carey Lexes
Dylan Master
Gery Rake (Gary Owan)
Jay Renfro
Richy Rich
Lucky Taylor
Dave Zachar

SCENE 1: Carey Lexes and Tom Hawai flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Drago Lambeck (bottom), Roger Gharney [Kamil Fox] (top), Lucky Taylor (top), Andy Frakes (bottom)
SCENE 3: Enrico Dickens (top), Jay Renfro (bottom/DP), Gary Owan (top), Andy Frakes (solo)
SCENE 4: Fernando La Vegas [Fred Corba] (top), Tom Koch (bottom), Richy Rich [Richie Rich] (top), Andy Frakes (top/bottom)
SCENE 5: Eliah Keilor [Elijah Keilor] (top), Andy Frakes (bottom)

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  1. playful

    I am looking forward to this video in my local video store. I recently saw Cabin Fever and Danny Ray’s film is exquisitely delicious.

    I especially like Roger Gharney… and has become one of his fans and I am looking forward to more of his videos. I saw most of his videos (under diffrerent aliases), but lately has been typecast as a top. But I should say that his “bottom scenes” in some of his videos are what I usually looks forward to.

    More of him please as a bottom…and more kudos to Danny Ray…..