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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Tony Buff and Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Buff
Dirk Caber
Ethan Hudson
Timmy Ryan
Tibor Wolfe

Get your fix of twisted play with TitanMen’s newest full-fetish title, Invasive Procedures, from its boundary-pushing ROUGH series. Led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and Tibor Wolfe, they join Dirk Caber, Ethan Hudson, and Timmy Ryan to explore their darker sides in white-hot scenes of piss-play, steel urethra sounding, scrotal infusions, punch-fisting, and fire play.
   Inked pig Tibor Wolfe swaps blowjobs with butch Dirk Caber and smooth Ethan Hudson, before the three studs soak each other with spit, piss, and cum.
   Tibor Wolfe pumps his ballsack full of saline while Dirk Caber coaches a nervous but turned-on Ethan Hudson through a session of steel urethra sounding before both Dirk and Ethan take turns punch-fisting the swollen-sacked Tibor Wolfe.
   Collared and cuffed Timmy Ryan worships the big meat of Tony Buff before the top bends the boy over and pounds his tight ass to climax.
   Tony Buff ties down Timmy Ryan and runs an flaming torch over the sub’s body, teaching Timmy the exquisite torture of fire play.

SCENE 1: Tibor Wolfe with Dirk Caber and Ethan Hudson
Inked and mohawked Tibor Wolfe leans back in a slick pair of latex chaps, stroking his hard proud cock, admired by the spit-swapping pair of Dirk Caber and Ethan Hudson. Dirk leads Ethan over and pushes him down on his knees, and Ethan bobs up and down on Tibor’s meat, moaning as he feels the two men’s spit hitting his tongue, face, and chest. Tibor pushes Dirk and Ethan down and pisses all over the pair’s sweat-slick abs, Dirk’s cock erupting with his own piss geyser. All three stroke their cocks until Tibor sprays cum all over Dirk’s leather chaps. Too turned on to hold back, Ethan grunts as cum pours out of his own shaft, before he pushes his tongue in Dirk’s mouth long enough to make the man shoot, the boots of the three men dripping with piss, spit, and cum.

SCENE 2: Tibor Wolfe, Dirk Caber, and Ethan Hudson
Tibor pulls on a pair of black latex gloves, and carefully hooks his ball sack up to an IV drip, then leans back as saline slowly swells his sack, watching Dirk swab Ethan’s cock clean before tearing open a pouch of sterile steel sounds. “You ready?” Dirk asks Ethan, and the boy nods nervously, his eyes squeezed shut as Dirk slowly pushes a series of steel rods into Ethan’s pisshole, tapping his finger against each steel tube to make the boy gasp in pleasure. Ethan takes long slow breaths, letting Dirk call the shots as his cock grows hard around the steel tubes. Tibor’s ballsack slowly swells to the size of a grapefruit, and after detaching himself from the drip he’s pushed onto his back by Ethan, who rims Tibor’s hole, his nose pressed against the man’s swollen scrotum. Dirk face-fucks Tibor before pushing his hard cock into the man’s hole, Tibor’s sack vibrating between Dirk’s pounding and his own cockstrokes. Dirk pulls out so he and Ethan can take turns fisting Tibor, the pair smacking the stud’s hole and pushing in up to the meat of their forearms until Tibor blows his load. Both Dirk and Ethan shoot all over Tibor, his sack still red and swollen.

SCENE 3: Tony Buff with Timmy Ryan
Naked, buzzed-head, his hands cuffed in leather restraints, Timmy Ryan plays with his cock while kneeling down and swallowing Tony Buff’s thick meat, looking up with big eyes to gauge his top’s pleasure. Tony guides the boy, pushing Timmy’s head back just long enough to spit in his mouth. The inked and collared boy deep-throats the booted man until Tony’s grunting and gasping. Tony takes over, pushing Timmy face-down over the bench, slapping the boy’s ass, spitting on and fingering Timmy’s pink hole before slamming his long thick cock into the boy’s ass. Timmy’s cock bounces as Tony plugs him hard and fast. Timmy rides the cock, moaning, pushing back against Tony’s thrusts before Tony flips the boy over, spits on his hole, and pushes back in for more of Timmy’s tight young ass. Still cuffed, Timmy shoots all over his hard abs before Tony pulls out, his triceps shuddering as he blasts his cum all over the boy.

SCENE 4: Tony Buff and Timmy Ryan
Tony’s got Timmy tied down on his back, spread-eagle over the bench, as Tony runs a flaming torch up and down the boy’s bare torso and legs, strips of flame licking along Timmy skin for a split-second, until Tony rubs them out with his bare hand, his hairy wrist brushing against Timmy’s hard cock. Tony’s thick wood twitches as he rubs the torch across Timmy’s taut young muscles, the boy gasping at the flames that cling briefly to his smooth skin. Finally Tony rubs the torch along the kid’s tender, swollen shaft, flames dancing on his cock just long enough to bring the boy to gasps.


*** Highly Recommended ***


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