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Liam Efron Dylan Maguire Orri Aasen Igor Voronin Lars Norgaard Kevin Warhol FRESHMEN ISSUE 8 George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen

Studio: BelAmi / Freshmen
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Orri Aasen
Liam Efron
Dylan Maguire
Lars Norgaard
Igor Voronin
Kevin Warhol


George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen
Liam Efron & Dylan Maguire

Some of you are under the impression that Liam Efron is a little bit hyperactive. I guess the same thing can also be said about Dylan Maguire, so we decided to try and combine their energies and see if the sexual dynamic worked. For some reason (maybe it was Marty’s sometimes sleepishness) the scene didn’t turn out how we expected it would, but it is certainly good and worth watching.

George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen
Orri Aasen & Igor Voronin

When we were asking you questions about a year ago regarding what you wanted to see in Freshmen, we promised to give you all the boys, even those who didn’t pass their finals with us. Igor Voronin is one of them. We shot 2 scenes with him, 1 of which you see here and then handed him over to Vlado Iresch. In case you are of a different opinion I am sure we can still shoot more with him.

George Duroy Bel Ami BelAmi Freshmen
Lars Norgaard & Kevin Warhol teaser

Lars Norgaard’s first scene was with Kevin Warhol as was also his first photo session. To divide the material justly, the scene will be shown here on Freshmen at Christmas time, and the photo session a week earlier on BelAmiOnline. Today’s images are from the hardcore photo shoot taken at the same time as the scene. I guess if you still don’t like Lars by now it may be the time to cancel the subscription! 😉


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