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Studio: Raging Stallion / Fisting Central
Directed by: Taurus Dean
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Mason Garet
Michael Johns
Marc LaSalle
Billy Ryder
Matthew Soul

Butt pigs have known for centuries what the rest of the world’s men are only now discovering from those home improvement shows on television. Nothing matches the pride and joy one man feels when he shares with another his custom built inner sanctum nestled deep within the walls of his own domain. His ManCave. Model / Director Taurus Dean takes us on a tour of some of the best ManCaves around, featuring several eager, able, and willing new additions to the Raging Stallion / Fisting Central stable.
   Two new models open up their holes for each other in Scene 1 of ManCaves: MASON GARET and MATTHEW SOUL. Both of these sexy redheads put on a great show on our new heavy iron Dungeon Bed. If strawberry fuzzed ass is your favorite, you’ll have plenty to devour watching MASON’s smooth muscled hands work over MATTHEW’s beautiful ass bud to a full, open rose. MATTHEW smiles ashe gets up off the mattress with MASON’s paw in his ass and stands in the bed’s sturdy frame to ride MASON’s arm. Now that’s pride of ownership!
   Scene 2 opens with our own exclusive MARC LASALLE giving his ass over to newcomer MICHAEL JOHNS. MARC squats over MICHAEL’s prone torso, providing MICHAEL with a front row seat to MARC’s sweet, dark hole. Soon, MICHAEL’s gloved hand delves comfortably deep into MARC’s roomy, accommodating ass and MARC sits down, eating up MICHAEL’s arm, further and further. Soon enough, MARC is on all fours, presenting his delicious rosebud for MICHAEL to punch. MARC’s hole hangs open, inviting more. So many expansive possibilities – and no building permit required!
   Next up, MICHAEL JOHNS works over another newcomer – BILLY RYDER – whose beautifully smooth, hungry ass opens willingly to MICHAEL’s touch. BILLY smiles up and coaxes MICHAEL’s hefty paw in with no trouble at all. MICHAEL teases and stretches BILLY’s hole to beautiful swollen pucker. Form follows functionality!
   MASON GARET and MATTHEW SOUL are at it again, but this time the tables are turned. MASON gives up his amazing muscled ass to MATTHEW who eats MASON’s gourmet butthole long and deep. MASON groans and moans with delight as MATTHEW burrows into MASON’s hole. MASON’s hard, P.A.’d cock stands at rigid attention, hard enough to drive nails into the steel bed frame. Soon enough, MATTHEW’s closed fist is pushing through MASON’s ass and MASON begs for more and more. MATTHEW spreads out inside, making himself at home.
   In our grand finale, MICHAEL JOHNS takes the wraps off his own grand show room. BILLY RYDER’s plunging fists plow deep and wide into MICHAEL, who takes both BILLY’s able hands. MICHAEL’s ass lips swell, hang open and invite more deep, penetrating exploration. Certainly there’s room for two. MARC LASALLE steps in and both MARC and BILLY settle in to MICHAEL’s well-appointed ManCave.
   If you can’t hire your own contractor, or want some inspiration to do your own hands-on job, check out our ManCaves. You’ll be budding with new ideas in no time.



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