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Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: Danny Ray
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Jimmy Clark
Justin Corner
Fernando Kruz [Mark Federico]
Adam Hanks
Tom Hawai
Ruben Litzky
Gary McAdams
Gery Owen [Gary Owan]
Dion Davydov [Dion Philips]
Nico Sideropulus
Tom Smith
Ronnie Badell [Marek Valenta]
Casper Watts

Studio 2000 and acclaimed Euro-director Danny Ray dive into the deep end with SPLASH, featuring 13 gorgeous, ripped young bucks bulging out of tiny swimsuits. Highlights include multiple no-hands cumshots per scene, ball shaving and passionate make-out sessions. Fan favorites Tom Hawai, Gary McAdams, Gery Owen, Nico Sideropolus and Casper Watts anchor five scenes for over two-and-a-half hours of wet and sticky action!

SCENE 1: Casper Watts, Fernando and Kruz [Mark Federico] top Ronnie Badell
Handsome Casper Watts sits by the pool watching blond Ronnie Badell and ripped, dark-haired Fernando Kruz do laps. He joins them for a bit of good-natured splashing around that leads, naturally, to foreplay as the bathing suits come off and they kiss and work each other’s stiff cocks in the water. Fernando jumps out of the pool and his two pals follow to stick their cocks down Fernando’s throat. Round one of no-hands cumshots leads to more kissing and blowjobs in a private Jacuzzi and a pop shot from Fernando. Soon he’s bouncing on Casper’s cock and bending over for Ronnie as the trio cum once again.

SCENE 2: Casper Watts, Tom Hawai, Nico Sideropolus and Dion Davydov [Dion Philips] top Justin Corner
Lifeguard Casper Watts is back for scene two and he keeps a very close eye on a quartet of cuties making use of the pool. Casper blows the whistle on bubble-butt cutie Justin Corner’s horseplay. As a punishment he strips off Justin’s bathing suit and sticks his tongue between Justin’s luscious asscheeks. Pals Dion Davydov and Tom Hawai follow suit by jacking each other, making out and going down on Nico Sideropolus. Casper finishes his rimjob and stuffs his boner into Justin’s ready hole as the trio nearby continue to kiss and stroke each other’s boners. Soon Dion replaces Casper inside Justin’s plush butt, followed by Tom and then Nico and another batch of no-hands fountains of the white stuff. But they’re not done yet! Casper, Dion, Nico and Tom plop down poolside as a hungry Justin sucks down each of their stiff erections in turn and licks them to yet another round of cumshots.

SCENE 3: Gery Owen [Gary Owan] tops Adam Hanks, Justin Corner
Slender cutie Adam Hanks and faux-hawked Gery Owan are doing laps at the start of scene three as the insatiable Justin Corner joins their workout and dives into the water. Almost immediately they’re kissing. The men jump out of the pool and head for the showers, their cocks already stiff and straining against their skintight swimsuits. The guys lather each other up and jack their cocks, then move into blowjobs and a round of wet pop shots. Gery and Justin continue the foreplay by lathering Adam with shaving cream and get to work removing the hair from his shaft, balls and butt. Their work complete, Gery slides his cock into Adam’s ready chute, pounds away and then switches positions to allow Adam to bounce in his lap. The sexplay closes out as Justin, Gery and Adam blow more manjuice in succession.

SCENE 4: Ruben Litzky and Gary McAdams flip-fuck
Scene four opens in the locker room as horned-up Gary McAdams longingly watches slender, Ruben Litzky strip off his street clothes and into his bathing suit. Ruben slides into the water and again the lean, athletically handsome Gary watches, quietly jacking himself to stiff readiness. He slips back into the locker room to surreptitiously sniff Ruben’s underwear and work himself into an erotic frenzy, unaware that Ruben is watching nearby with approval. They finally come together for kissing and a bit of swordplay, then Gary happily goes down on Ruben at length. Ruben returns the favor to a groaning, moaning Gary and both blast the first of several loads of spooge. Their flip-fuck kicks off with Ruben rimming Gary and then sitting up to slide his cock between Gary’s tight, tanned cheeks. Gary enthusiastically rides in Ruben’s lap at length, staying hard the entire time, then switches positions with his partner as they continue to fuck their way to another set of intense orgasms.

SCENE 5: Tom Smith tops Jimmy Clark
The fifth and final scene takes us back to the pool as young, spiky haired blond Jimmy Clark watches adorable brunet Tom Smith splash around. Their chemistry is apparent as Tom rises from the water and immediately begins to kiss and explore Jimmy’s lithe, tight body. They continue to smooch passionately as the bathing suits come down, then Jimmy slowly sucks off an appreciative, groaning Tom. They switch positions for more oral action and both spurt their first wet loads of cum. Jimmy bends over to allow Tom to tongue his hole and prep it for entry. The two young, buffed cuties hump away as Tom furiously drills his poker in and out of Jimmy’s tight hole, whose groans echo around the pool room. Soon the pups are kissing and climaxing for a second time as SPLASH cums to a close.



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