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COLT Studio Buckshot Productions Minute Men Solos Joe Falco Tom Lee Ray Mars Rigardo Merlo

Studio: COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions
Directed by: Rip Colt / Various
Year of Production / Release: 1987
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Joe Falco
Tom Lee
Ray Mars
Rigardo Merlo



Build he does and built he is! Working in one wing of a new mansion, big Ray is going about his business. Leaning against a wall is a piece of broken mirror. Just now, the reflection pulls him in. The image seen is masculine, massive and an understandable turn-on. Standing there is the result of years of pumping iron; bulging there is a crotch that won’t wait another minute for attention. As he strokes his incredible muscles, he strips down and soon is pounding away like a house afire. This is an intimate opportunity to share a bodybuilder’s dream.


Tom Lee is a young man with a very dynamic imagination. It appears to generate an electric current that becomes polarized in the gold ring that hangs from the end of his impressive object of attention. Once he touches that magic ornament, the rhythms of ecstasy begin. Leatheroticus records one of his favorite fantasies. Naked, silhouetted against a shaft of red, he waits. Soon his world of leather builds around him. Meanwhile in the sunlight of reality, he provides the pounding power that brings his fantasy to spasms of satisfaction.


When Rigardo Merlo is sent to clean the basement, he makes a very exciting find when he comes across a box of his older brother’s stuff, left behind when he went to college. Among the sports gear and trophies, Rigardo finds a photo-album full of hot and sexy bodybuilders – in the NUDE! Rock hard men with enormous cocks standing at attention. Rigardo can’t help but look at every page in the book. Kicking back on the old sofa he settles in for a closer examination and without thinking pulls out his rock hard cock. Its a day full of discoveries, about his brohter and about himself as Rigardo excitedly explores His Brother’s Box.

Since his brother had always been his hero, Rigardo obeyed when told never to look inside the mysterious box kept in the back of the closet. Now, with his brother off to college, finding the container is a temptation he finally gives in to. Finding the baseball cap and mitt is no surprise, nor the uniforms or awards, but wait, there’s more in there than ever met Rigardo’s eye before! Condoms, hot photographs and raunchy souvenirs open up a secret world that soon has him throbbing for attention. The memories of their mutual discovery of sex rush out in streams of ecstasy. Oh, brother!


Friday night: the crew is off the ship on a weekend pass. Joe draws the kind of duty no officer wants. . .in port ship security. He’s hot, he’s lonely and he’s horny. Stripping off his dress whites, he pulls a skin magazine from his locker and lets the good times roll. Alone in his private quarters, he worships his own magnificent physique as it deserves to be. His pull-tab nipples get a heavy workout as he reaches a shooting, seismic climax that really rocks the boat.

Joe Falco is a military man. With discipline he carefully remvoes his dress uniform and stores it neatly in his locker. Standing at the locker in his boxers and tank top, Joe grooms his regulation length hair in the mirror. As he grooms himself he notices his rock hard nipples pushing through the tight tank top. Pushing aside the tank he gives a nipple a hard tug and immediately feels a chain reaction which wakes up his cock. Being in Private Quarters Joe sprawls out on the bed, tears away his underwear and gives this hard nipples a thorough working over. Pulling out a favortite centerfold Joe gets down to some seriousself pleasure. Being in Private Quarters gives Joe all the privacy he needs to get off exploring his own body with abandon.


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