COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions Dolan Wolf Jake Genesis Jessy Ares COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions Dolan Wolf Jake Genesis Jessy Ares

Studio: COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions
Directed by: Kristofer Weston
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jessy Ares
Jake Genesis
Dolan Wolf

SLICK is an up close and personal look at three of our newest additions to the COLT stable of studs.

[jwplayer mediaid=”57315″] SCENE 1: Dolan Wolf
In a dimly lit corner, on a 4 post dungeon bed, a hot and hairy stud named Dolan Wolf lures you in with an intense stare and his throbbing tool. Sporting red and black “Mister S – Latex Shorts” Dolan outlines the shape of his thick hard cock against the skin tight latex. Applying a generous layer of “COLT SLICK Silicone Lube” Dolan gives his bulge and his furry muscled chest a SLICK sheen.
   The front of his latex short burst open as Dolan lowers the front zipper. Reaching in he pulls out his long uncut cock and gives it a coating of the SLICK as he runs his fingers along his juicy foreskin.
   Showing off the full potential of his sexy latex shorts Dolan turns and bends over, unzipping the middle seam and exposing his hot and hairy hole. With a fresh application of the SLICK, Dolan’s fingers probe and explore as he grinds against the bed, displaying his hot muscular ass for our up close and personal pleasure.
   Mutually exploring his hot ass and stroking his well-oiled cock Dolan works up the intensity. His aching cock swells and the cum starts to fly. A white hot load unleashes itself high on his glistening chest. Like an oil SLICK of cum, sweat and lube. Dolan takes a wad of cum to his lips to savor his sweet taste.

[jwplayer mediaid=”57318″] SCENE 2: Jake Genesis
With football in hand, wearing black and blue latex football pants and eye black paint, athletic muscle-man Jake Genesis looks like a rough and tough player who is ready to get down and dirty. Giving his muscles an extra pump, Jake gets down to business. Unlacing the front opening of his football pants he unleashes his bulging manhood. ‘Game On!’ as Jake takes his thick and meaty cock in hand, slowly stroking his shaft and getting his balls warmed up for a big play to shoot his load.
   Coating his ripped body in COLT Slick silicone lube Jake massages his muscles, strokes his throbbing cock and explores his hot man hole. Knowing how to handle balls, Jake grinds his SLICK cock against the rough pigskin football. Balls churning as he hammers out a game winning load, our man Jake unleashes a drenching, nut busting river of cum coating the football in a thick layer of his own dick juice. Jake picks up the cum soaked football licking it clean as he enjoys the taste of his own personal best.

[jwplayer mediaid=”57321″] SCENE 3: Jessy Ares
Hitting the showers, hunky COLT Man stud Jessy Ares looks SLICK and sexy under the running water. Through his black and yellow latex briefs Jessy manhandles his throbbing uncut meat as his cock threatens to burst through the seams. As Jessy turns to show off his sweet bubbled butt, those firm mounds of muscle look ready to burst out as well.
   Wet and wild Jessy gives us a steamy show. Stroking his pole as the water runs down his hard and hairy body, spreading his ass cheeks to reveal his tight puckering hole, exploring his sexy body, all while you watch… up close and personal.
   His hard uncut cock in hand Jessy strokes with an deep down need for release. Heavy breathing and manly grunts and groans give way to his massive nut busting load. As he unleashes a drencher Jessy lifts his cum dripping fingers to his lips and licks them clean. With a wink and a sly smile toward the camera, Jessy lets you know how much he enjoyed giving you a show.


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