COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions JR Bronson Trenton Ducati Liam Magnuson COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions JR Bronson Trenton Ducati Liam Magnuson

Studio: COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions
Directed by: Kristofer Weston
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

JR Bronson
Trenton Ducati
Liam Magnuson


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SCENE 1: Trenton Ducati
After gathering wood for the chopping block, rugged hunk Trenton Ducati takes a break to enjoy his outdoor solitude. Slowly stripping down, Trenton inhales the sweet scent of his own sweat as he flexes his hard body and gropes his bulging jock. Handling hard wood is what Trenton does best as he takes his own thick piece in hand for some serious knob rubbing. Standing erect among the trees, Trenton’s big cock breaks above the TIMBERLINE with a high-flying, dick-squirting load.

[jwplayer mediaid=”57329″] SCENE 2: JR Bronson
Lounging about in only a jockstrap, handsome hunk of man JR Bronson wakes from an afternoon snooze with a bulging urge rising between his legs. In front of a picture window and overlooking the TIMBERLINE, JR gives us an up close and personal show. With his COLT Basics Jockstrap framing his hot, round-muscled ass, JR gets down to business in no time with a man-sized COLT Genuine Cast “Adam Champ Cock” dildo. Riding that uncut monster-dong and stroking his throbbing meat, JR lets loose with a drenching hot spray of his thick and tasty cum.

[jwplayer mediaid=”57331″] SCENE 3: Liam Magnuson
Seeking relief from the heat, muscle-brut Liam Magnuson takes refuge under the shade of the TIMBERLINE. Shirt unbuttoned and muscled torso exposed, Liamís hands begin to wander, naturally drawn to the growing bulge down below. Unzipping his fly, Liam pulls out his hefty piece of man-meat giving his idle hands plenty to keep them occupied. Clothes fall away as Liam indulges in a muscle flexing, cock stroking session of self pleasure. Settling into a groove Liam jackhammers his big cock to an explosive, dick draining load.


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